My New Apt


With a view like this, snapped Sunday morning from the living room window, you can see why I don’t want to hang heavy drapes in my new apartment.  All it needs is night shades and something to cover the malfunctioning draw rod.  I recycled broken mini blinds (found in a closet) into Roman shades with some free cotton fabric in a pale print that blends well to the surroundings.  Pulled up, they barely show up in photographs.  Here is one I snapped today, on this cold and cloudy morning.


So there is a sneak view of my living room.  Want to see the rest of the place?  A glance in the bedroom, where I hung the mock pleat drapes originally sewn for the living room is next.


I snapped a view of the courthouse from the bedroom window yesterday, when it was bright and sunny.


Downtown is fairly deserted on weekends unless an event or something is going on.  Most business are closed and I have seen more traffic down a main street in a small town on a Sunday than what passes here.  Even the walk signs blink for no one.  On a good note, for friends and family wanting to visit, parking is not so hard to find and the meters are not attended on weekends.

Want to see the kitchen?


That’s it.  The tall thing on the other side of the fridge is a pantry closet with wide spaced shelves.  Between the stove and fridge is a bank of drawers.  There is ONE under cabinet & drawer located on the other side, with open space running under the sink counter from there to the wall.   I put my cookware in the lone cabinet and my Corelle plates and such in the drawer above it as I didn’t know where else to put them.  There are NO overhead cabinets in the entire kitchen and that pantry unit is in dire need of some organization.  Perhaps something to add additional shelves or maybe some baskets in there would help. 


Does this look stupid?  I am a bit shy on cash right now after moving with deposits required and everything, so it is a “use what I got for now” time and figure out what to buy to make this kitchen more functional later.  Once I get used to living without overhead cabinets, it will be fine.  I don’t plan on spending a lot of time in the kitchen cooking anyway.

One of the reasons I moved downtown was to be able to get out and about more.  The apartment is ye set up now, but oh so not done… no art up yet and more boxes to unpacked are still stacked in a storage closet, but it is slowly coming together.

Well, that’s a quick view of my new place… thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “My New Apt

  1. Love it! Really, very nice. Being able to get out about so easily is such a bonus plus I know you have to feel safe there. That is of course not counting the neighbor who keyed your door. So happy for you. I think you have found you and Mr Marsberry a great place. Love the shelf idea in the kitchen and think you got lots done for the little bit of time you have been there.

    • Thank you Barbara, and thanks for the advice on my last post. I will take my time opening boxes of nonessientials. It is nice to have a storage closet to stash them until later. Yes, I am comfy downtown. It is as relatively safe a place as anywhere. My rural relative will not understand, but I feel as uneasy in the country as they do in the city. Here, there are street lights and familiar noises. Out there, there are critters and I can’t see. It is like when I took my daughter out to farm land to visit relatives and she was in a panic as we drove home after dark. The road was curvy and unlit and I was driving the speed limit, but she was gripping the dash and telling me to slow down, warning me of every bend, every reflector catching the headlights up ahead, and did not relax until we reached a main highway with street lights. What is funny is that she was old enough to drive herself, but had learned in the city, and felt at ease driving in busy traffic on four lane streets. Things I like about this building, like security at the entrance, will be things that they won’t like but… oh well.


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