Zap Free

Monday’s supper was baked leftovers sprinkled with cheddar cheese:  a bit of golash from Saturday (pasta with ground beef, garlic, onions, green peppers, and chunks of tomatoes instead of sauce) and a couple new size “baby” potatoes roasted with Sunday’s chicken breast.  Both were little dabs of nothing, not worth saving but together made a free meal.  I forgot how good baked leftovers can be, so much better than anything zapped in a microwave. 

My microwave had seen better days, so we parted ways when I moved.  I gave it to a scrap salvager.  It was messed up, perhaps the electronics got fried during a summer storm as some of the numbered buttons didn’t work anymore.  I thought it would be a temporary situation, that I would run out and buy a new one, but now I’m not so sure anymore.

Memory of a conversation on a park bench last summer brings a smile.  A candleman was telling me how he has simplified his life by eliminating gadgets, including his microwave.  He doesn’t text or email anymore, prefers old fashioned conversations, and he rides his bicycle more often than drive.  It is a slower pace of life, more peaceful and enjoyable.

I went for a walk today, down to the post office and back, stopped to sit on a park bench just west of where Los Gallos will be opening their new location on Boardman Street.  The front window of the Ohio One Building has a Halloween theme art display. 

I snapped a quick photo thinking I could crop it later, but I think zooming in would make it blurry so oh well.  Here’s the view from the park bench in the bricked seating area across the street.


If you live around here, go check it out for yourself. 

I am a little self concious snapping photos with other people out and about.  They might see me, wonder what I am doing, and it is not always wise to use a smart phone in public.  

I like that bricked area on that corner with three benches set into an arc in front of a landscaped retaining wall that kind of hides the parking lot beyond.  It might be a good place to make art in warmer months, sit and draw or set up an easel, as it is set back a bit from the main sidewalk and there is not a lot of foot traffic there.

Something caught my eye on one of the other park benches, a cell phone someone must have laid down and forgot about it.  I waited.  No one came to claim it.   So I picked it up debating if I should use it to call someone in their phone book, try to find the owner, but a little birdie said, “nah… it belongs to someone in your building” so even though I was a block away, I took it home, gave it to the desk clerk in the lobby, told her that I found it down the street and thought it might belong to someone who lives here and sure enough, it does.  Then I walked to Mahoning Snacks in the Huntington Bank building for smokes and a banana.  The farmer’s market up the street only has one vendor today, the season winding down.

I suppose I should get busy, finish getting the kitchen in order.  A plastic bin on the bottom shelf can store baking supplies and a basket for bagged things will help with organization. 

Enjoy your day!

2 thoughts on “Zap Free

  1. We gave up the nuker about 4 years ago. I can count the number of times I’ve missed it on one hand. People STILL feel sorry for me and offer me their old or spare ones which cracks me up – mine was in perfect condition when it got donated along! I did get a nifty little toaster oven and I use it about 100 times more than I did the microwave. It doesn’t turn the kitchen into a hothouse like the big oven and there’s the bonus of having food still taste/resemble actual food when I cook with it.
    Your new place looks like a lot of fun. I envy you living in an actual downtown with real architecture and cool brick work. Our highest building is the 8 story bank tower dating to the ugly 70’s era of building. Adobe can be charming but *yawn* it’s a little bland compared to your view of awesome structures!

    • Oh, I am more appreciative of the architecture now that I am seeing it from a different angle as so often I had walked the streets without really looking up. Now I notice every little detail, even the curvature of street lamp arms lining the side street beside the courthouse (unlike the plain arms in this photo) strike me as beautiful.

      A small toaster oven might be a good alternative come the heat of summer. Thanks for the idea!


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