One week later…  “aftermove” should be a word, like afternoon or afterglow, to describe (in one word) the sense of exhaustion, relief, and disorder that occurs when all of your belongings are uprooted from one location and plopped into another.

It is still a mess in here.  The kitchen is not quite set up, although shelf paper has been laid and the drawers are organized.  The pantry cupboard needs resorted with items reassigned and I don’t know where things should go yet to best utilize the space.  I don’t have any overhead cabinets here, so I don’t know where to put my coffee cups. 

The bedroom is done, with the closet semi-set-up as hobby central, best as can be until boxes of books and other non-essiential items currently stored in the hall closet are unpacked and put away.  My clothes closet is done.  The living room is somewhat in order, if you ignore empty boxes and things stuck in there until I figure out where they go. 

As for window treatments, I am sewing (again) today.  Earlier this week, I remodeled old tab curtain into shorter mock pleat drapes (not as full or “office” looking as pinch pleat drapes) to ride on the draw rods in the living room.  As much as I would love to keep the windows bare so I can see the cityscape view and enjoy an abundance of light, something is needed to cover the windows at night so I don’t feel on display.  Not that anyone can just look in from ground level, but people in approaching cars can look up and the simple fact remains:  if I can see into the building across the street when interior lights are on, they can see into mine.

Anyway, I spent a day making drapes, then hung them up to disappointment.  Something is screwy with the draw rod as the center close point is NOT centered precisely in the center of the middle window so the drapes are uneven when the shades are pulled open.  Drawn closed, they are fine. 

I can’t live with it… drapes need to be open in daylight and it drives me nuts to have bunched up drapes on one side wider than the other, plus I lost a good third of my view.  So I am back to square one trying to decide what to do with these three windows.


The last tenant hung mini blinds, which I found in a closet.  The hardware is still up there, so thinking they would do for now, I hung them.  Two of the three blinds have the turn thingy to open and close them broken off.  And they are too narrow.  It needs 24 inch panels and the blinds are only 22.5 inches wide. So, down they came.

Today, I am changing the width of the mock pleat drapes and hanging them in the bedroom.  Then I will make roman shades for the trio of windows and put this room back in order, break down boxes emptied yesterday.

I will be glad when the aftermove phase is over.  Enjoy your weekend!