Salt Dough Ornaments


Paint and glitter day at grandma’s house.

Salt dough ornaments were made and dried in advance so they were ready to paint and decorate when the boys arrived. Their sister came later… she was out shopping with mommy.

I found the recipe here (link). Using a straw to make holes for the string works great, until it gets plugged up with dough, but a dowel rod inside the straw makes it easy to push those dough dots out.

Each child decorated four of their own to take home. I painted trees and snowman scenes.

It was fun… thanks for reading!



Cinnamon Ornaments

I had some homemade applesauce leftover from Thanksgiving. It had yet to mold on me so I used it to make cinnamon ornaments. I rolled some too thin, so I strung those in stacks of three… bit crude, but oh well. The twine and cast brass bells give some a “rustic” appeal.

They smell wonderful.

I’m sure there are recipe bloggers with step-by-step photos and good how-to instructions… you might want to find them. All I can do is tell you to add a squirt of white glue to some applesauce and stir in enough cinnamon to make a dough, let it rest awhile (covered so it won’t crust over) and roll it out like cookies. Bake until dry on both sides, ye 2 to 3 hours at 200 degrees.

IMPORTANT: be sure to add holes for stringing BEFORE you bake them.

Oh, measurements… ye a cup of applesauce, good tablespoon of Elmer’s white glue, and maybe 6 ounces of cinnamon? (I had three 2.37 oz bottles, dumped two in making the dough and used ye half of the third to lightly dust when rolling it out.) I also baked on parchment paper, flipping each over after the first hour. Here’s a photo showing how many that makes… please keep in mind that I did roll too many too thin. Those rolled ye 1/4 inch thick came out better.

If you like to make cinnamon ornaments, feel free to post photos or links in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

Jump Start

Forget New Year Resolutions… I’m starting now. This “Weigh on Friday” chart went up on the fridge December 1st. My goal is to drop 24 kg in 2018. I’m starting now because (1) hey, a jump start gives me a whole extra month to get it done,  (2) I really, really hate ending a year with a gain, and (3) to remind me not to nibble too wide of a path through holiday goodies.

Am I dieting?

Hell NO… I can’t do that. I have a history of binge eating disorder. Dieting is like Trigger #1.  The chart is just to remind me to eat like a “normal” person who can be satisfied with one serving of anything, where nothing is off limits… normal people eat cake and pizza or whatever. Oh well. The theory is, just eat like a “normal” person and all the excess weight will slowly vanish. Yeah, just magically disappear.

I’m weighing in kilograms because the scales are not mine. Thankfully, it does not have a memory function as I like to pretend my digits on the scale (and in the bank) are lower than reality. One kg is ye 2.2 lbs, which yields nicer numbers. It sounds better when the bitch announces my weight in a voice loud enough for anyone in the house to hear, even without his hearing aids. I can’t shut her up, so I flipped the switch to Spanish. In kilograms, the first number is ONE and by the time his mind shifts past the “huh?” of hearing an unexpected language, the weighing is done and over.

Okay, so I’m weird… odds are, he won’t be here anyway. I wake up alone ye 44% of my days now but no longer fret about things I cannot control. It is what it is, come what may.

It’s okay. I’d walk away but when I fall asleep in his arms, snuggled all safe and warm, feeling his heart beating next to mine… those other nights don’t matter. I’m with the man I love and he is a good man, a kind man, a loving man who also happens to be a flawed man. He’s a strong man with a weakness, and that’s just how it is. I’m flawed, too.