Stoned Snow Man

In the wee hours of the frikkin night, I am instantly jolted awake by scrape, scraaaappppeeeee, scrape right outside my bedroom window. Was it a tree branch? NO… it’s my stoned ass neighbor out there ON MY PORCH scraping off the inch worth of fresh snow that had blown in through the rails. It was after ONE A.M.!!! Now he is out there playing, drawing maze paths with his shovel in the yards. I opened the door and talked to him. Oh yeah, he’s stoned, just got home, three sheets to the wind.

Okay. Fine. I toss a load into the LG washer/dryer combo machine. In an hour or so, he won’t be so high anymore and my laundry won’t even be halfway done. Will he hear the errrrmmmm of the water pump kicking on and off during the dry cycle through the wall? Nah, it’s not loud enough to bother anyone.

It just irritates me that he didn’t think… right now, I am jumpy at unexpected noises. It has only been a few days since an intruder invaded my space. I am still cleaning. To paraphrase the shaman of the bear clan, “if you want to cleanse your home, you must clean it.” I just took the carpet scrubber to the bedroom tonight. Yes, I wanted to remove the intruder’s invisible foot prints out of my sleep zone.

Oh well, I will just write myself to sleep? Ye about relaxed again now.

I am so utterly grateful to a dear friend for sharing three very simple and yet oh so powerful words: NOT AN OPTION.

Okay, so I am defusing tension with words by blogging how I feel and doing passive aggressive things like starting laundry in the middle of the night instead of automatically resorting to negative coping mechanisms. Yeah, but it’s going to be okay.

Thanks for reading!