Ten signs that you might be just a little tad manic, in no particular order:

1. Your hand writing is barely legible to your own self. It takes considerable effort to write almost legible so other people can read it. However, your keyboarding skills are excellent and you are writing up a storm.

2. You cannot find “it” whatever “it” is, but definitely need to find “it” before an unknown deadline.

3. You find “real” mail (cards or letters from real people) postmarked weeks ago that you forgot to open.

4. You feel jacked up wired, trembling uncontrollably with excess energy but a glance at your steady hands tells you that you are only shaking on the inside.

5. You have a techie degree in electrical/electronics but cannot recall which color is the ground wire.

6. You have no idea how much money you have in the bank or your wallet, so you click into miser mode and/or use credit cards so you won’t accidentally overdraw an account.

7. You did not realize that you had purchased over $5,000 worth of beads until a beading supply company rewards you with extra discounts for being one of their best customers. Oh wait a minute, that was last time… but you caught yourself feeling the need to “stock up” on something.

8. You live on coffee and cigarettes and something quick late at night as you forgot to eat all day.

9. You run on minimal sleep, often 20 hour days, and only lay down when your body threatens to fall down.

10. Your mind is scattered, so you are doing several things all at once and/or skipping from one topic to the next so much that someone says something about it.




WEEKS LATER (when not so wired): Find this post in your “drafts” and upload an image to go with it, click to publish.