Lady Update


Our Lady of the Garden

I was asked what happened to the doll, like huh?  Oh, the Our Lady of the Garden mosaic sculpture.

It is a long story.   I put her up for sale on craigslist and a woman called, said she wanted to buy it for their new store.  Guess they are opening some kind of garden plants and décor shop up around Mecca.  Creekside something.   She talked about how the Lady would be perfect for their landscape, how they envisioned cleaning up the yard all the way to the creek and really going all out to turn it into something special with plantings and sculptures and outdoor art.   The only thing is, she would not be able to come pick it up until the very day I was scheduled to move.   She was to call when she was on her way so we could sync time between loads, be there when she arrived with a truck and a dolly.

She never called.

We had a backup plan.  If the woman didn’t show up to buy the Lady, my ex was going to store the outdoor sculpture in his garage.  Unfortunately, the moving helpers went home after they got paid so there was no one there to help the Xman load the Lady onto his truck.

So, I knocked on the door of a neighbor girl and asked her if she wanted it.   I knew she liked it.  She agreed to take it and her boyfriend would help her relocate it after he got home from work.  I assume they got it, but I haven’t been out that way since I’ve moved to see where they placed it in their yard or if it was left for the new tenants of my old apartment.

I don’t care if she gets moved from place to place, sold or given away, ends up wherever, as long as she doesn’t end up in a garbage dumpster.

  IMG_20131011_155208-1  IMG_20131011_155225-1

Farewell, my Lady.