Peace Piece

It has occurred to me that if I only post when I am irritated or in one of “those” moods, the overall perception has a negative vibe. As if I am irritated or in a foul mood all the time. Look at the dates. Time passes… life goes on quite peacefully content in between.

Yes, I use words to purge my mind.
I use words to gather my thoughts.

I think out loud on paper, sometimes virtual paper, writing my way around the back forty of my mind. I sift and sort in a search for understanding. Sometimes, I need to evaluate, form an opinion, or draw a conclusion. And then again, sometimes, I am just lost on the other side.

On the flip side: if I only posted upbeat happy-happy joy-joy flowery fluff, I would question my sanity and wonder if I lost my own tentative grasp on reality.

I shall try to strike a chord, mix it up for balance.

Well, I best get ready… the clock is ticking and I am going to “Play in May for the YWCA!” at the Senior Center on Fifth Avenue where I will laugh and have a great time making art with friends.

And that is what this blog hasn’t shown for awhile… I laugh out loud and often, savor peace and harmony. I see life as more comedy than drama, and not like modern sit-coms or so darn goofy that it should only appeal to nine year old boys. I like old comedy and humor spun by a play on words.


Chick Wiz

This is the 4×6 postcard size drawing started at Metamorphosis last Thursday, finished in the wee hours of Saturday. The drawing was photographed on a brown wood table, a quick snap with this cell phone camera.

I don’t know what it is, kind of looks like a chicken and a wizzard, hence the name of Chick Wiz.

Sometimes my representational abstracts represent moods or emotions or just whatever is in the air more than any actual thing. Drawings change as the vibes change.

This one started out all soft and light as it was very relaxing to kick back with the pencils at Metamorphosis Gallery on open studio night. When I finished it at home, there was a bit of tension in the night air as raised voices of drunk and rowdy boys in a potiential fight brewing stage rode the wind.

Thanks for viewing my art today!

Blue Man

Blue Man, 5×7 original drawing with 8×10 mat kit.