Should I paint my face and pick up a sword? Our country declares war on odd things.

Concept wars cannot be won as there is no clearly defined enemy, no nation to defeat, no land to seize. War on Terrorism, for example, broadly covers all aspects of terrorism instead of a specific terrorist and their organization, therefore it becomes never-ending as there is always someone or something else to add to the list. War on Drugs, War on Crime, War on Poverty… all noble endeavors to seek an end to, but war is specifically a human thing. People align, side with their cause, take up arms, battle to the death, pillage, bomb and blast each other to rumbles. War is an awful thing.

It bothers me to hear the leaders of this country describe COVID-19 as the enemy in this so-called “War” on a virus because the people are taking up sides against each other instead of working together for the common good.

On one side, we have the obnoxiously loud minority who use intimidation tactics to achieve their objectives, be it silencing other people by drowning out their voices on social media, verbally attacking people in public, or attending protests against health regulations fully armed. These are the guys carrying signs and military grade weapons at state capitals. Some are just ordinary people, but some of them are freaking nuts… their fringe element is prone to violence. One nut killed the security guard at a Michigan dollar store, another shot the cook at a restaurant, just because the businesses required customers to wear face masks.

Does intimidation work? Yes… people are afraid of those guys. They avoid the bullies, don’t engage in conversations, don’t dare leave a comment on a Facebook post lest you be attacked, ripped to shreds and called a sheep or whatever.

Wolves and sheep… the sheep side, or rather just the OTHER side, are more scared of the wolves than they are of the declared “enemy” in this “war” on a virus. These are the people who take the crisis seriously, practice social distancing, and cover their faces because they care deeply about others and are willing to do whatever it takes to help stop the spread of COVID-19. We know fabric masks do little to protect our own selves. We wear them just in case we, our own selves, may have contracted the virus and don’t yet know, may never know, because if we should happen to catch it, we want to reduce the odds of passing it on to someone else. Wearing a mask says, “I care.”

Yes, I am a sheep… dyed blue my wool, paint my face, the pen is my sword.

It’s not such a bad thing to be a sheep, to care about others, to be a humanitarian. Wolves who cry, “I don’t need a mask, God will protect me” forgot that the Shepherd tends the sheep. Psalms 23.

It is a bit ironic when wolves claim the sheep are too scared to stand up to “tyranny” as if state health guidelines and orders given to slow the spread of COVID-19 will lead to an authoritarian form of government. Most of those wolves support the current POTUS, echo his tweeted words, while sheep tend to believe the current administration is the greatest threat to our democracy.

Thanks for reading!

FULL DISCLOSURE: I not only practice social distancing and wear masks while in public, I also sew fabric masks for friends and quiet donations. Yes, some are available for purchase. I’m just trying to recoup some of the cost, not profit off a plague. Odds are, I still won’t break even, but that’s okay… if you want to see photos of what I’ve been sewing, visit Mice4Mars.com. That’s my other WordPress blog, launched just for my art before all this started.

Shutdown 101

An unauthorized, unsolicited opinion of what is happening in the United States government by a somewhat intelligent and semi-informed  grandmother in Northeast Ohio who considers all politcal news is like eating fish… got to spit out the bones.

Okay kiddos, remember High School Civics?  That chapter in the book on how a bill becomes a law?

That is what started all this nonsense.  A bill called the “Affordable Care Act” was introduced, debated, tweaked, and put up for a vote.  Both the House and the Senate PASSED the bill and it was signed into law by our President. 

The people who wanted the bill to become law were very happy and the people who didn’t want it to become law were NOT happy.  In fact, the “losers” were royally pissed, partly because most of the people who didn’t like the bill were still pissed off that the guy they wanted to be President had lost. 

Okay, so they started a corporate backed pretend grassroots movement called the Tea Party with some really wacked ideas… like ONLY people who think exactly like they do are “real” Americans, like the rest of us are all fake, hate our country, don’t shoot guns, and all sorts of other nonsense.

Anyway, they believe that THEY are the ONLY “real” Americans and they need to take “their” country back, so the corporate backers threw a lot of money into the off year elections (when only about a third of the voters actually show up to vote) and helped get enough tea party members elected into the House of Representatives for the Republican Party to seize control of the House.  Yes, the tea party ran on the Republican ticket, some as Independents, but most ran as Republicans.

There is an odd dance going on with Republicans and the Tea Party.  The Republicans need the Tea Party so they can be in control, but the Tea Party are freaking radical right wingers who may have slept in Civics classes as they don’t seem to understand HOW our system works. The Republican Party need them, but they cannot control them.

So… we have extremely bad losers elected by bad losers for the sole purpose of throwing a monkey wrench into the gears pretty much controlling the House of Representatives.  That’s what’s going on.

Okay, back to “Obamacare” as the Affordable Care Act is often called.  Remember how the losers were really mad when that bill passed? 

In our system, we CAN overturn “bad” laws.  There is a way to do that.  Usually, a new bill to repeal the bad bill (or to replace the bad bill with a better bill) is introduced, debated on, tweaked, and put up for a vote.  Same process as the original bill went through.

They tried that.  It failed.  So they tried it again.  And again. And again.  Like over 40 times!  Maybe 45, and every time, it failed. 

Do they give up?

No… remember we are talking about some very sore losers here.  They are so mad that they CAN’T overturn that law (at this time in history) that they found a way to BACK DOOR jam it ineffective by refusing to pass a routine “time to pay the bills” measure unless the bill they don’t like is defunded. 

Yes, after 40 to 45 FAILED ATTEMPTS to overturn or change it the “right way” per how our system works, now they are trying to FORCE what THEY want onto everybody else, to “win” by cheating.

Basically, they are holding the country hostage like bratty little kids screaming and carrying on, refusing to eat their veggies because they don’t like veggies, they want candy.  Unfortunately, we cannot spank them or make them sit in a corner. 

Our government is “shut down” because the funding measure was not authorized so they money needed to pay for things was not released. 

They talk on the news about how this will hurt the economy, but the bottom line is this nonsense will hurt the “we the people” and when “we the people” hurt enough, we will retaliate at the ballot box. 

So, of course there is a lot of propaganda circulating social media trying to spin it off as the Democrats and Obama’s fault.  “If only they would defund that bill or delay some of the requirements” spin on things.  They are like bratty little kids about that, too.  Finger pointing at each other saying, “he did it.” 

Anyway, you can believe whatever you want…

I will find it extremely ironic and somewhat amusing if that Affordable Care Act proves to be very beneficial for the American people.  Right now, there is too much scare tactic propaganda bull circulating about it and no one really know exactly how it works yet. 

The “mandatory” aspect IS a problem… we are Americans.  We don’t like it when people try to tell us that we “have to” do anything, even if it is beneficial.  We want to make up our own minds, decide for our own selves.  It may be better to just lay it all out, provide the opportunity to get “affordable” health insurance and let it go at that.  If it is a good thing, people will sign up for it.   If it is not for them, they will walk away. 

Ironic the tea party wants to mandate a law change over a law that make something mandatory.

Years ago, I gave an unplanned speech on another government program, something the State of Ohio cooked up in the way of welfare reform.  I called it “mandatory opportunity” – in essense, I spoke in favor of the mandatory distribution of opportunity information with the belief that the impoverished would take advantage of opportunities if they knew opportunities existed and were available to them.  At the time, imformation about opportunities was withheld as if it such information was a big secret that no one was allowed to tell. 

I also spoke out about the importance of owning your own achievements, how mandatory opportunity steals people’s sense of accomplishment.  The state program took credit for making people do what they would have done if they had only been provided information about opportunities in the first place.

I spoke out against mandatory opportunity when asked what I thought about applying for a grant to start a “Women of Wonder” program, a student organization with mandatory attendence for the anticipated increased enrollment of impoverished women forced by the state into education at the Salem Campus of Kent State University in the early 1990s.  The administrator who asked my opinion went ahead and got the grant for her “WOW” club, which everyone knew really stood for “women on welfare” and I found myself speaking out again about stereotypes because some of the proposed programs with mandatory attendance were downright insulting.  Must impoverished female college students be forced to attend workshops on personal hygiene?

Okay, so I went a little off topic, but the same thing is going on here… it is mandatory opportunity, only this mandatory opportunity is for health insurance.

That is the only “bad” thing I see about Obamacare right now.  I think there is a lot of good provisions in the law, that many people will greatly benefit.

If they took out the mandatory aspect, will information about available opportunities be distributed so people will know what options do exist?  Or will those who love to keep poor or working class people down just find ways to keep the information secret so people cannot take advantage of the good provisions?

I don’t know… fact is, its already passed into law. 

It needs to be tried and tested before we really know if it is a good law or a bad law.   If it proves bad, there will be enough support to overturn or fix it through the proper channels of how bills become laws in this country.  A bunch of sore losers holding the country hostage in attempt to do what they failed to do 40 to 45 times is flat out WRONG.

Okay, that’s my opinion.  Y’all can argue amongst your selves if you disagree.  Thank you.