Home Sweet Almost Home

Mentally crossing fingers and toes,
Watching little ducks line up in a row,
Crunching numbers while figures grow,
But, can’t help it – I need to know
If down to the wire we must go,
How do you like your Cherrios?


Rain in Ytown


It only rains at street level,
Or just not visible above the lights.
Not one spatter on my windows,
Such a strange delight.



Small Art, Short Poems

Alas, peace has come,
Savor the quiet hush, lush,
Damp as morning dew.

Lost, elusive dreams,
Lonely sparrow soars high, sigh,
Glides on wings of love.

N ©2013


Untitled, 2.5×3.5 inches, Aquarelles/Polychromos