I spent my Tuesday revising poems, including the long “Tell Me” ramble entwined within a dream.

The sunflowers are in bloom.


Surprisingly, even the tallest plants have relatively small heads.  Seeds purchased were of a “mixed” variety, but not a one has dinner plate size blooms.


The big ol’ fat bumble bees are happy.  Hopefully, if we let the heads dry out naturally, we can harvest enough seeds for next year. 


The romas are still green but doing fine.  Or should I say “not bad for seeds planted outdoors” as every seedling started early indoors failed to survive past the two leaf stage, not enough light in here to substain plant life.   I could buy a few grow lamps, but I don’t want raided by the DEA if they fly over with sensors on a quest to find homegrown weed.

Well, this post is a test to see if I can add more than one photo per post blogging by cell phone with the droid app.  When I blogged via email by cell phone, I was limited to one as attempts to include another seemed to destine the post as lost in cyber space.

And now it is Wednesday since clocks struck twelve.  Zzzzzz’s awaiting, time for dreams.