Skirt the Tree & Rest Can Wait


Can’t tell, but there is a layer of red velvet over a layer of upholstery batting under the re-purposed, too stretched out in the center to lay flat, doily.   I needed a tree skirt and didn’t feel like sewing.  I didn’t feel like buying one either.   I don’t feel like baking cookies, shopping for gifts, or doing much of anything in the way of Christmas prep until at least the 18th.   I might have the tree decorated by then.  Maybe not.


Kitchen Bench


The old picnic table bench, with a fresh coat of black paint and felt on the bottom of the legs to protect the floor, is ready for indoor use.  The handwoven top was purchased from a rug weaver (believe she’s from Columbiana, if I remember her name, I will edit this) at the YSU Festival of the Arts in July, 2013.

I like this old bench.  It is made of a heavy wood, not pine.  When I had to part with the picnic table on a move years ago, I could not bring myself to part with all of it so it was sold as a table with three benches instead of four.  Since then, this bench has sat on porches and got hauled to places so I could sit down.  (Some chairs hurt me.  My spine will not let me sit on soft, fluffy furniture.)   Here, it will go in my kitchen, slide into the open space under the sink, so it tickles me to have it re-purposed.

Here’s to a good day… thanks for reading!