Long Time

The elusive, reclusive blogger sneaks into the room and quietly types a word.

What should I say?  Should I apologize for going MIA?

There were things I did not want to talk about.

One was being on the art committee of a well established annual show.  It was my first year, so I was a little tentative and didn’t want to say too much about it.  The other was a matter of closing ranks and crawling into myself.  It is all good… I’m going to catch a change stone, flip my world 360, but that can wait for another day.

If I apologize for anything, it should be for not reading blogs.  Writing is like blowing smoke into the cyber air as some of the best posts are never read, so I kind of feel bad for not reading at least those I follow.

Should I end with a photo?  I did not plan on anything.

Oh… here is one of the things I have been doing: matting 60+ small works of art.  I threw this one on the scanner, with a sheet of craft paper behind it.  Thanks for reading!

55a matted