I study photographs, wishing I had snapped more. 

This is an inside snap of what looks to be a carport converted into a covered patio along the right side of the garage behind that house I’m in the process of buying, a.k.a. the “before”photo of what will become a screened-in porch next year. The realtor’s website had other views, but those images are copyrighted, not mine to share.

I met with a housing counselor yesterday and applied for a grant to help with closing costs. Just talking to her eased my mind… it is good to go over budgeting and personal finances with someone who knows what they’re doing instead of just trying to wing it on your own. We also covered a lot of information in their pre-purchase educational class and she sent me home with a binder stuffed full of papers and pamphlets to review. I learned a lot so I’m glad I went.

Barring any obstacles (still must pass inspections), the house will close in August and I can move in before Labor Day. 

Thanks for reading!



Making Posies

I can’t leave the flowers alone.

Okay, the only thing I did “at home” was replace the couple wraps of thin wire holding the posies stems together with a tight wrap of heavier wire. Everything else (except soldering under the seed beads) was done last night while hanging out on the wide sidewalk in front of Metamorphosis Gallery in downtown Struthers.

I hope it is okay to go UP because this “floral arrangement” is going on a tile provided by Art Youngstown, Inc. for the public art project to be displayed at the YSU Summer Festival of the Arts in mid-July.

I picked up two tiles yesterday (the other one will be a flat mosaic using the copper elements shown last post), then raided my studio for supplies with ideas churning while watching the clock so I could hop the next bus out of here to Metamorphosis.

I am a member now, with full access to the shared studio space 24/7. The light there is oh, so much better than this “cave” called home. Sometimes, we drag tables, easels, whatever outside the storefront and work on the sidewalk. It is a busy street corner, a main intersection near three popular dining establishments, so it is like making art in public. People stop by to talk, check out the art, wave when they drive by… it’s all cool.

Found objects, re-purposed objects, recycled… (forget the exact wording) is “strongly encouraged” so my flowers are made out of old bulb end copper plumbing tube things with floral petal looking lamp parts, copper wire in various guages, leftover beads and Swarvoski crystals.

I told a friend that I would finish it at Metamorphosis as she wants to see how I do it, so I’m going to pack it up with whatever tools & supplies might be needed for what comes next, then finish it there.


Mosaic Guitar #1: prep stage

Well, the earth did not shatter… and this guitar (photo below) needs some help. The wood on the front of the body is damaged beyond repair. It was layered like plywood and the top layer, the veneer, was peeled off. This left the front of the guitar too thin, too weak, and too flexible for even my use as a mosaic base.

I started strengthening that surface awhile back, brushing on thin layers of a clear polymer gesso hoping it would soak in and bond with the wood fibers, and then covered it with woven 100% cotton fabric saturated with the same gesso, and then applied more gesso on top.

Yes, the fabric was a pale yellow ochre quilting fabric with a faint white paisley print. I went over the edges and it sealed very well. The polymer in gesso gives it plastic properties, so it now has the strength it needs, but it is still a little too flexible. I will have to do some work on the inside, make that surface as rigid as possible before I can begin the mosaic process.

Call it art therapy, call it play… there is something about laying mosaics that is very peaceful and calming. It is soothing to the soul. If you don’t mind, I’d like to blog the process. It won’t be everyday… mosaics take time so it will just be an update now and then. Look for “mosaic guitar” in the titles if you want to follow along.

Thanks for reading my blog! ~ N.