Lies! Total BS!

This arrived in my mail today REEKING of Alt-Right propaganda.

Do they think we are that frikkin stupid?

Ye gads… the petition they are spending MILLIONS to convince people not to sign is NOT from the Chinese Government… it’s a petition from “Ohioans Against Corporate Bailouts” to put Bill 6 on the ballot so the people of Ohio CAN VOTE for or against adding another fee on our electric bills. OHIOANS, not a foreign government.

WHY are they spending so much and going to such extremes just to keep it OFF the ballot? Because it’s worth BILLIONS to the utility companies. And, if enough signatures are gathered to put it on the ballot, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will spend millions more in an all out campaign to get that money.

It reeks of Alt-Right because: (1) Bill 6 was sponsored by Republicans, passed by Republicans, and signed into law by a Republican governor; and (2), falsely claiming a petition is being circulated by the “Chinese Government” is so far fetched that it sounds like something Trump would say.

Oh yeah, his base would believe it without questioning because Trump paints China as the enemy in his little tariff war. His base is too stupid to realize that tariffs are import taxes, just an extra fee paid by the American who imported the items (not China) who will, in turn, pass the cost on to American consumers, that they their own selves will pay slightly higher prices on imported goods down at their local Walmart or whatever store. It’s okay, just “Buy American” while wearing an imported hat. So what if a trade war hurts our farmers. We can’t have “illegals” picking veggies, so up goes the cost of produce, too.

Of course, that’s all “fake news” to Trump supporters, who are so conditioned to believe whatever he tells them is the gospel truth. Maybe Trump should take a Sharpie marker and drawn a line on the border map and claim that’s the wall, built between tweets.

Where’s the circulators? I need one… yeah, this over-sized postcard has convinced me. Bring that petition to Youngstown, Ohio… I want to sign it.


Inherit This… Whacked Postcard Art



Monday, July 11th:

I finished this postcard while gallery sitting today… it’s a little whacked, claw-like beasts emerged from the scenery as my mind wandered over to a conversation I had with my daughter. Or rather, a conversation she had with me.

“I am your only daughter, you have grandchildren, how can you do this…”

Ye gads… I haven’t even LOOKED at a house yet and everyone is so concerned about what will happen to the house after I die. She’s already beneficiary of my life insurance, bank accounts, and some annuity thing with my pension. Now she wants the house I haven’t even purchased yet… it went downhill from there.


Tuesday, July 12th:

Had a little conversation with a social worker on staff at my apartment building. It ended by me declaring that I will type up and submit my intent to move notice. So much for “no rush” in finding a house. I need out of here ASAP. Am I up a creek without a paddle?


Wednesday, July 13th:

Sent words to the wind… via email to a real estate agent who works with investors. I stated my situation, included a list of what I want/need, and requested help finding a suitable home to purchase OR rent within the allotted time.


Wednesday, July 20th:

Wish me luck… I intend to make an offer on a house today.


Wednesday was our 3rd project day for the Arts & Crafts Society at IT in downtown Youngstown. Ye 15 people wandered in, a dozen signed the sheet, so it was a pretty good turnout for a new group. The paper craft was homemade Valentines, but painting “leftover cookies” and heart magnets seemed to be the thing most came to do. The biggest surprise was an anonymous gift of real cookies. Someone had secretly baked and donated chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies, garnished with Hershey’s Kisses, for participants to snack on. That was such a nice surprise!

I did not feel like making Valentines, so I painted 3 post cards. It was fun playing with watercolor pencils. Here’s one that I colored on and touched with ink… who should I mail it to?


The ACS has a Facebook page now, still waiting for the 3rd like… hopefully tenants will find it and share with other tenants, as it will be a good way to keep people informed of upcoming events plus a means to contact the ACS planning committee with project requests or suggestions.  People want to make jewelry again, some wish we could do something weekly, so I think we are off to a good start.


On a sad note, another tenant died. That’s the 2nd resident found dead this month, the 3rd this year.