Blue Man

Blue Man, 5×7 original drawing with 8×10 mat kit.

Close-up: Blue Man

Where do tree spirits go after trees are chopped or burned, milled into lumber, or ground into paper pulp?

I found this little man hiding in my drawing, right there in the blues of the under painting, so I darkened a bit around to make him easier for others to see. I did not purposely draw or paint that figure. I didn’t even see it until I had finished other areas. There was another one someplace else that I harshly colored over because it gave me a bad vibe. It popped up like sinister “hey I’m here, too” but bump that, scribble scribble, be gone!

Later on, I saw the ghostly face hiding in the light, but that one is an illusion of paint and pencils. I did not see the chain until after I photographed it. I must have drawn it, or drawn around it when I was darkening between the fence boards, but did not realize that I was drawing links of a chain. I was just darkening around what was already there, the fence and night scene in that area to make it more visible, if that makes sense. Everything else in other areas are drawn.

Sometimes, I like it when things like that happen and sometimes, I do not like it at all… I don’t like getting a bad vibe from something I see in my art.

I think the blue man is a wee little tree spirit that got stuck in there during the paper making process. This is that watercolor paper of unknown content, a 5×7 cut from those couple sheets set aside a few days ago. (After doing two on white cotton paper, I was in the mood to color on painted paper again.) The blue man is okay. It made me smile to see him, not like that other who just felt evil. I don’t want to see anything like that popping up in my art. If I can see it, can it see me? Maybe I ought to stick to 100% cotton?

Oh gosh… I must sound crazy. I don’t think I want to keep this one. That thing might still be inside the paper, maybe the chain showed up for a reason.

Anyone want it? Make me an offer, at least enough to cover postage and cost of mat, buy your own 8×10 frame. The photo doesn’t show all of it… I can snap it again come daylight. It’s not my best work.

Well, I best catch some zzz’s before the sun rises and the kid pops in asking for coffee on her way to work. Enjoy your day!

Ye Done

The photo is a quick cell phone camera snap capturing some (but not all) of the piece I am working on. I’m thinking about entering it into a local juried show which means it will have to be properly photographed (not an easy task) and then matted and framed. I also have to name it and figure out an asking price. I’m thinking ye so much, plus frame costs and entry fee, with consideration of commission.

I haven’t the foggiest idea how much ye so much should be. If too high, people will think that I am asking rediculous. If too low, the price will under value not only my own work, but the work of other artists and that kind of pisses people off.

It’s 11 x 14 inches (for a 16 x 20 mat and frame) done in Faber-Castell Polychromos (oil based colored pencils) over a water colour under painting using Faber-Castell Aquarelles (water color pencils) so it is all pencil work on Canson “Montval” 140 lb paper.

I consider myself a complete unknown on the local art scene because I haven’t shown anything, except for making a couple flags for a community art project displayed at the YSU Festival of the Arts last summer and oh yeah… made a leather and copper bra that took first place mixed media in an art bra event (fund raiser for breast cancer) a few years back but otherwise, I haven’t shown anything since the 90s. Some people may recognize the symbol in which I sign my work, but back then I was still using my ex-husband’s last name. Fade away, easily forgotten… and I was living in the general area but not in this town. Honestly, I was relatively unknown then, too. And I wasn’t doing anything in colored pencil.

If I listen to my neighbors (they’re a trip at times), my art is “da bomb” yadda yadda fabulous and no one colors like I do, and I hear things like, “the guys were jocking on you” which, by explanation, means “you got it going on, man” so I take it as they like my art as that’s like the only thing I got going on.

I’m kind of curious to see how this drawing style goes over outside the neighborhood, see if practice pays off. I’ve done over 300 practice pieces in ATC size, maybe it is time to start showing again?

Of course, I have to finish it and get a good photograph, go enter it into this juried show and wait and see… never know what will be accepted or rejected in juried shows, what factors go into the decision. They are putting together a show, usually want a diversity yet everything must fit together.

A lot of artists hate juried shows because the entry fee is non-refundable. On one hand, you pay money to be rejected and on the other, you have to pay to show your art. If the show is for a good cause, then it doesn’t matter. Rejections are easier if you think of it as a donation.

Well, here is a sneak peek, some but not all of the piece I’m working on. Thanks for reading my blog!