Unfinished Art & Show Plug

Art waits… this drawing was started at Metamorphosis and I lost the vibe, can’t feel where the lines go. If I work on it now, it would be like coloring in a coloring book, turn out flat and missing something.

Did y’all see Sunday’s paper? Local readers, that is… there was an article about the Women Artists show at the YWCA in the Youngstown Vindicator. There will be 125 works by 61 artists, including yours truely here.

Consider this an open invitation to come see… the show is free, runs until July 19th. The opening night “preview party” requires a ticket (not free) that can be purchased in advance or at the door.

Here’s a link to the online version of the article if anyone wants to read or needs the phone number to order an advance ticket.


Photo: cell phone snap of unfinished art & newspaper


CY Framed!

Quick snap with a cell phone camera to share how “Chasing Yellow” pops with an earthy forestry green mat in a 20×24 inch black frame.

The colors are slightly off… like the mat is one solid color, does not fade to black as it seems to do in this photo. As they say, it looks better in person.

Would you like to come see it?

If so, mark your calendar. “Chasing Yellow” will be in the “31st Annual Women Artists: A Celebration!” show at the YWCA building located at 25 W. Rayen Avenue (near YSU) in beautiful downtown Youngstown, Ohio, between June 22 and July 19, 2013.

Yes, Chasing Yellow is for sale. Nothing like plugging your own work, but I really hope it sells at this show as the sale commission will help support a worthy cause.

So come see… if you like it, consider buying it. Or just vote for me. The art with the most votes wins the People’s Choice Award. Thanks for peeking!