Dollhouse (front photo)

Sneak Peek Inside

Okay, so I am tickled with my crown molding. It took me a bit to figure out how to cut the angles to make it all fit right. The light source in the photo is an LED flashlight stuck in the stairwell. I did not wire this for lighting because I want to use the new style of wireless lamps that run on watch batteries. Only one problem: I’ve yet to FIND then in half scale (1:24 ratio) and they don’t even make what I want in full scale. Oh well… might have to make that, too.

Thanks for peeking!

Dollhouse #2: Front Facade

Shuddering with indecision… does this colonial saltbox house need shutters? I just laid shutters down for this show & tell photo, along with window boxes, to get an idea of what it would look like. Opinions appreciated! Do you think it needs shutters, shutters and window boxes, just window boxes, or nothing at all?

This house will NOT be a house, per se, as it will not be furnished as a dollhouse… keeping exactly what it will be under wraps for now. Let’s just say this house was re-purposed for a business.

I love the “pale daffodil” used to paint the clapboard siding, think it makes the stained wood pop, much more so in person than what this photo captured. It won’t be long before the walls are raised. Yes, it is much easier to paint inside and out, plus install windows and such with the walls laying flat on the table.

I still haven’t decided what color to paint the crown molding. Inside will have white walls and white ceilings, so white would do but it sounds a little boring. I’m thinking maybe a hint of color, a pale tint of blue or green, maybe lavender?

Well, thanks for reading & happy St. Pats!