Goofy Photo Day

I went looking for a photo… figured if I’m keeping it real here, I should throw up a photo of my real face instead of a colored pencil drawing interpretation of myself on the day drawn. Unfortunately, I shy away from cameras so the most recent snapshot of me was over three years old.

I thought about it for a minute. Maybe I should get dolled up and ask someone to take a picture of me? Nah, I’d have to explain how to use my Minolta SRL D7. I can set it up for auto everything but for some odd reason, when I hand a “fancy” camera to someone, they seem lost, as if there is a lot more to it than just pushing the button.

So, I did the cell phone in the mirror thing that the young ones often do to throw a photo up on facebook, minus the sucked in checks, pouty lips, overdone makeup, and that chicken neck thing. Maybe they think that looks sexy? I don’t know.

I was just playing around, acting goofy by making funny faces at myself in the mirror while trying to learn how to do this. It takes a bit of practice to get your whole head in there.

I’m thinking that I should do this again… like every ten pounds down as proof of recovery is on the scales or at least that is how the doc documents recovery.

So this is me… with no makeup and bad hair, lol.

I threw it up on facebook to see if any of my friends or family would notice that I am smaller now.

By the way, I’ve been tweeking this blog up with a new “about me” and other things… decided to add a new catagory called “Feeding Bees” to throw things like yesterday’s post in, maybe post some other food related things in there someday.

Speaking of tweeking, I need to decorate that bathroom, maybe get some plaster fish or something. I have lived here almost a year and it is still as plain as it was on the day I moved in. Oh well. Thanks for reading!