PB & Cats

This is Baby Boo… I think she’s a Munchkin. Or, at least that’s what popped up when I googled “short legged cats” when I was wondering if there is something wrong with this feral kitten. It’s like her body kept growing and the legs just stopped. The front legs looks slightly bowed, too.

Baby Boo is just a term of endearment. I didn’t name her because she has a “fur-ever” home with our city councilwoman if she can get over her fear of humans enough to allow two school-aged girls to pet and play with her.

I trapped her last Sunday, and immediately released her indoors. It was the only way I could get her in, as she’s just like her mama, never let a human get close enough to touch her. She’s one of the four kittens that the feral mama cat was bringing over to eat on my porch every night. Baby Boo is the only one left. Word is, a neighbor’s two pit bull dogs killed the other three (plus at least one other cat in this neighborhood).

It’s only been four days, but I’m starting to think this kitty will not be a good match for young girls because they will want to hold and pet her and she acts just like she did outside inside. Yeah, she watches me, then quietly slips away if I come too close to her. The only time she doesn’t move is when she thinks I’m totally ignoring her. So, I’ve yet to touch her but she’s touched me by accidentally stepping on my foot while I was doing dishes one night.

Oh she’s made herself at home, curls up with Max a lot and occasionally shares the couch with KiKi Gath Ddu. She’s also been using the litter box since day one. That’s one perk of having cats. They can litter train others.

Oh, by the way, the PB in “PB & Cats” is for paperback, not peanut butter.

Yes, after several requests for “hard copies” of Blink Poetry, I reformatted my ebook for a paperback edition. It’s not yet released for distribution or anything as I want to see a hard copy in my own hands first.

Yeah, it might need some tweaks. The cover image looks a little off center in the thumbnail, but lined up just right in the template so I want to see it printed. It’s self-published, of course, via lulu.com, a print-on-demand service. Here is a link if you want to peek. Yes, I listed YBWorks as the publisher. Hey, why not? That B can stand for books as well as buttons.

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In like a lion, out like a lamb… doesn’t seem that way anymore, at least not by the weather. Today is the first day of Spring. Still feels like winter. The gath ddu is tiring of the cold, or shedding her winter fur. It feels thinner now. She lets me brush it down now and then, but won’t let me touch her tail. She’s been coming in to mother Max. Stays just long enough to eat, play awhile, and nap on my bed. I snapped this photo yesterday.

I’ve been napping, too. This winter hibernation thing is getting old. I long for warm days, open windows, and a soft breeze.

My art project is a bit stalled. I need to buy some butane fuel before I can sweat the pipes. Tidying up is a bit stalled, too. Everything feels a bit stalled.

I’m still watching the levee… there has been no change. My sister pointed out a simple fact: if this woman really was “in a relationship” with the vet, she would have snapped a selfie with him to display some kind of loving couple photo as either her profile or header photo or at least something showing him in her house, something new, something more recent than the photo of him with his granddaughters that she had swiped off his page in December (the same photo that I know his daughter has asked him to make her to take down – she was not happy about a woman that she’s never even met publicly posting a photo of her children as the header on her Facebook page.) I’ve also become more vocal, flat out told him that if I had done what she did, he would have checked me. Hell, he came to talk to me when he thought a photo that I posted of myself was inappropriate. (At first glance, he thought the knuckle of my finger looked like a nipple, LOL). So, if what he says is true… that she’s just an old friend, he’s not messing with her or anything, then why hasn’t he checked her? Why does she STILL have that photo posted along with her “in a relationship” status bull? I’m also being bolder online… clicked a big ol’ heart on the last “I love you” comment she put on something he posted, like HELLO you dumb bee, I’m still here.

Petty, I know… part of me says just walk away but when he tells me that he loves me, I believe him. I feel it when he holds me, I see it in his eyes. In some ways, we are better off now than we have been in a long time. We talk more. I feel like he’s being more open and honest with me. So, take it day by day. If we ever do sever ties, it will have to be a complete break, a clean cut, no trying to remain friends or anything. It would be the only way I could let go.

Oh well, in the meanwhile… I closed my Etsy shop, got tired of paying listing fees. Right now, I have art and misc. items on Webstore. I’m not thrilled with that… I’ve only had one sale on Webstore (to someone I know locally) and looking for stuff to buy on there has been odd… straight up, it kind of feels like some of the sellers there got kicked off eBay. That’s the vibe I get from reading listings. Things like shipping fees will be determined AFTER committing to purchase, jacked up numbers like $20 postage for what I’d estimate would cost no more than $3.66 retail, local pickup only on items that could easily be mailed, strange bull in seller policies, etc.

Maybe I should just post my art on a stand alone website. Do I need a shopping cart? Or, just contact info? Could just put a tab on a blog.

This may sound weird, but I don’t really like to market art… I just like to make it. Of course, I’m happy when someone likes my art enough to want to buy it and selling art does justify spending money on art supplies. I’m just not into that whole business side of art, hours and hours of self promoting and all that. I just like to make it… if you like it, great… if not, oh well.

Hell, my own friends and family don’t even like my stuff… few exceptions. My sister Jai is always supportive. Dad, too. Most people just ignore me.

Well, I should just go back to bed. That’s the problem with naps… if I sleep in daylight, I’m up in the wee hours and ready to sleep again when most people are just starting their days.

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Studio Cat

Meet Max, as in Maxwell Storm. He’s only 8 weeks old.

He got his name because “Max” popped into my head when the girl who brought him to my door asking if I’d adopt her kitty handed him to me. Then I asked if she had named him yet. She said his name was Storm; that she’s been calling him Stormy. So I said okay, he can be Max Storm.

He is a storm, plays like a little whirlwind out in the main rooms, running and jumping and acting nuts. But, come in here and he’s like a totally different cat… calmly explores every nook and cranny, curls up on this foot stool, sits on top of storage bins under the work table, and he’s got a favorite spot to nap in the closet where he can hide for hours while I’m busy doing whatever.

Oh yeah… he’ll be a good studio cat.

I really, really REALLY like my new work space. It’s not quite ready for prime time show & tell, but the vibes in here are great. I haven’t had a dedicated work room that felt this good since… well, I don’t know when.  Bringing in the computer, swapping chairs out, and placing that curb find table in just the right spot made a huge difference. I can actually work in here, write in here, and do what I want in here.

Yes, I’m amazed. For a minute there, when my daughter was using this room as Santa’s Closet with her online purchases being shipped to this house, I began to wonder if my so-called work room would end up becoming just another storage room. That’s what happened every time before.  I’ve set up rooms when I lived in Warren, Salem, and Struthers, but there was always something off. It didn’t feel right. Try as I might, I just couldn’t make myself do much of anything inside the designated room.

Maybe it’s because I’m older now… maybe it’s THIS space.

Maybe because I’ve taken my time setting it up, repainted the walls and everything, after packing up the vet’s stuff back in July. This was “our” bedroom and I couldn’t sleep in here anymore, woke up crying, bawling buckets every day. Now all those vibes are gone.

I’m down to organizing supplies, putting things away, and all those bins tucked under tables need sorted out. No rush… it will slowly get done.

I’ve started doing a “Weekly Pour” with liner notes on my other blog (ybworks.com) as I’m just learning how to do acrylic pours. I like abstracts, so it’s fun… I’m up to five practice pours on paper. The first was a total disaster, chopped the second one up, and the last three are still drying. Suppose I could post them here, too… maybe just the ones that turn out okay.

Like here’s Pour #2. I can’t tell if the photo is fuzzy or that’s just my eyes. This being half blind sucks, but I’m thinking acrylic pours is something I can do… tried painting something delicate with tiny brushes and most of my strokes landed in the air.  It gets frustrating but, oh well… try something new.

And, here’s how I chopped it up as 4 ACEO’s, one 5×5, a bookmark, and a cover.

Of course, I had to make a little 28 page book for that cover (shown on far right in above photo). It’s the perfect size for passwords, birth dates, phone numbers, and notes for old ladies like me who can never remember. I like to write on paper that feels good so I used 7 folios of 50 lb sketch paper pamphlet stitched to the blue card stock liner.

Yeah, I know… you are supposed to pour onto gallery stretched canvases, but I’m just learning how to control this flow stuff. Practicing on 140 lb cotton paper yielded a nice surprise…  it feels good dry, almost like a leather. I’m very happy with my little book. It makes me want to make more.

Well, ornery got up where he’s not supposed to be… thank goodness that mat is dry. Guess I should get busy and get my mess cleaned up.  Sooner or later, it will all be neatly organized, too.

Thanks for reading!