Wet Wednesday waits
Drenched with sweat and lies,
Storm clouds gather to grumble
as they spread across the skies.

Shards of shattered friendship
Slice deeper with every gash,
The promise of rain is broken
When lightning refuses to flash.

Earth beckons her children
to suckle mountain breasts,
while rivers flow to oceans
and valleys are laid to rest.

Hardened by the passing of time,
She walks barefoot through fire
and vows as queen of her own mist
to nevermore relinquish desire.

No more
holding back
to stroke male egos.

No more
tamping herself down
to hide her core strength.

No more
dimming her own lamp
so others can light the night.

No more.
She vowed nevermore,
and then she laughed.


Little Addicts Everywhere

Red horses come around,
Take the weak into the ground,
Don’t even have to go to town
When dude delivers on the mound.
Shoot em up cowboys got lost, and found.
Broken glass, life shattered and bound,
Melted illusion shoved inside round.
Forget the rhyme, don’t like the sound
When hope dissolves and friends go down.
Damn. Little addicts everywhere.

~ N. ©2013