Beading the Chill Away


I started beading again during the Polar Vortex.   That’s something I used to do years ago as I found it very calming and peaceful and quite simple to do.  It’s kind of like the grown-up version of stringing up macaroni necklaces.  Till your eyes get old and you can’t find the holes.  Or arthritis cramps your hands up.  Or some spinal nerve games makes it feel like someone shoved a wedge between your shoulder blades and occasionally smacks it with a hammer just to drive it in a little deeper.  Then you don’t do it so much anymore.

Most of my beads are leaning towards vintage as the only beads purchased in the last few years were supplies for a nieces’ bridal jewelry.   They’re still good… stone beads are “old rocks” to start with, silver is still silver, and the crystals still sparkle as pretty as the day they were made.   When the world froze over, I got to thinking that if I turn that hat box full of beads into bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, there may come a day when an opportunity comes along to sell such things.  In the meanwhile, I will just tag things with length and bead information and seal it in baggies so the silver doesn’t tarnish.   I could also pull things out to give as gifts.   At my slow pace (since I can’t do it all the time), it might take years.

I hear it has warmed up a bit out there.  I might actually go see for myself.  Now I feel like “Mid Milly” going out to look for my shadow.  Millicent Midlothian is one of our local groundhogs.  She is not famous or anything.  She just lives in Booker’s back yard, next door to the Carter down there on the Southside of Youngstown.   I can predict this:  only 24 more days till February 2nd.


Holiday & Hybernation

wpid-IMG_20140104_085441.jpgI have provisions:  milk, bread, beads, coffee, cigs, pencils, cereal, etc.   It is January.  And it is frigid  COLD here in Ohio.  The sunlight pouring through my windows is deceptive.   As I write, it is only 10 degrees Fahrenheit out there, but it feels like minus 4.  The day will warm up, but the bitter is coming.  Bing weather predicts Tuesday as the worst with a minus 14 at 8AM, then warming up to flat zero by 6PM.  Of course, that is subject to change.  Every time I glance at the weather predictions, the numbers seem to have shifted slightly.  I don’t think they really know enough to accurately predict by hour so many days ahead.

Anyway, I don’t do bitter cold well.  My bones lock up and nerves complain, so I am just going to hibernate until the weather breaks.   I will leave my apartment, but I am not leaving this building unless it becomes absolutely necessary.

So, how was your holidays?  Happy New Years, and all that jazz.

I had a good holiday.

We had a little Christmas Eve gathering with the grandchildren at my place, then I went down to Salem with the Xman.   We hung out at his new house for awhile.   It is not exactly new anymore, just new to me as I hadn’t seen it before.  He moved there after his house burned down in 2012.  With his permission, I snapped a photo of this old photo to post on Facebook with an “anyone remember these boys” just for grins, as children of two of the young men in the old photograph have children on my friend’s list.  

Left to right, the late Buck Brown, the Xman, and Billy Joe Van Cooney.

Left to right, the late Buck Brown, the Xman, and Billy Joe Van Cooney.

It’s a bad photo, but considering it is a photo of a photo that survived a fire… not bad at all.

I like this photo because it shows all three of them together. I don’t know what year this photo was taken, might have been a year or so before or even that same summer; it is hard to tell trying to base time by the Xman’s balding pattern. Bill moved to Holmes County years ago and Buck died two… no, it’s been three years now.

One of the reasons I posted it was because I wanted my daughter to see her dad as he was when I met him. Kids should get a glimpse of time before them, to see their father as just a boy hanging out with his friends.

I stayed a couple nights at my sister’s house, spent Christmas day visiting with family who lives in and around Salem, and celebrated New Year’s Eve at First Night Youngstown.  (I gave the spare badge to a neighbor who was planning on going and had yet to buy his ticket.)   At midnight, I was already home snuggled in my bed so if what you do at midnight influences the coming year, I should get plenty of rest in 2014.

If I have any resolutions for this year, it will be to make smaller art again…  here is a cell phone photo of the drawing I chopped down to 5×7 and finished on New Year’s Day.  There is a story behind the Two Faced woman, but I shall tell you that another day… a case of life infiltrating art.

Two Faced

Two Faced