May Day 2017

Babe, it’s been a month since you’ve swept the floor.

No it hasn’t. It’s been a month since I blogged, but I didn’t say that out loud.

“No, it hasn’t,” I repeated. It’s been a month since he’s watched me sweep the floor, but I didn’t mention that part as it might shatter the illusion of household magic tending to domestic chores.

I swear that’s how things get done.

He just gave me a look and asked where I keep the broom.

If he has to observe me doing something to believe that I actually did it, then he must think that we have a miraculous self cleaning toilet and little fairies gather up our dust. I’m still waiting for the day he replaces an empty roll or… best just keep those thoughts to myself.

I know what he’s really saying… truth is, I have been preoccupied lately. I’ve opted to work long hours prepping to launch a new eCommerce business instead of doing things like hanging out doing nothing or lounging around watching television. I had research to do, homework to do… a lot of details to tend, not to mention all the hours of business related conversations with my daughter while we were both ramping up the learning curve.

So… without any fanfare, I launched Mice4Mars on May Day, then cleaned my office and cooked a nice dinner so we could eat and watch a movie together after his ball game.

He was snoring before the rice was done.

So much for that. Thanks for reading!

UPDATE 9/2017: closed Mice4Mars store on Shopify because of postal issues… most orders shipped directly from the manufacturer, which was all fine and dandy selling drop-shipped goods until a high percentage of packages get lost in postal la-la land for weeks on end, perhaps stuck in customs, who knows? Tracking often lacked updates… that’s no way to run a biz.  I wanted to keep the name (it honors Mars) so I renamed my Etsy shop Mice4Mars… there I only sell things made by me.