My Studio

Hey, at least I’m calling it a “studio” now (instead of “spare” room) even though I am still treating it like a glorified storage closet.

I’ve yet to make art in there. I go in, get stuff, haul supplies out, work on it someplace else, then just dump stuff back in there. I also dump other stuff in there so, once again, I’m cleaning out junk and trying to get it set up as a studio.

I know, it does not make much sense. The room has the best natural light in this apartment, plenty of work space between the glass top drawing table and a huge, L-shaped desk, more than adequate storage. Why is it a problem?

Maybe it’s the confinement thing? The idea of limiting creativity inside a square box defined by walls? I’d rather breathe art, be free to draw anywhere.

The neccessity of studio space is, after all, merely a need for a safe working environment. Not so much safe for me, but to protect works in progress and protect wee visiting children from hazardous tools; mustn’t let the toddlers play with razor blades.

I can wrap my mind around it, but I am not quite there yet. Anyway, that is what I am doing today, working on this corner of the studio so I can get busy on that mosaic guitar again.

Yes, a stained glass mosaic may be the best first project to do IN the studio as the benefits of leaving the work and supplies out, to simply shut and lock the door when the grandkids stop by, are quite obvious.

Odds are that I will continue to draw elsewhere.

Am I the only one with space issues?