Peace Wrung Out

melted peace
 feel a bit
 faded out
 wrung out
 washed out
 stressed out
 maxed out
 need a little
 piece of peace

Note: click on peace sign to view full size if you want to snatch it to use as free clip art. I made it with a translucent background… it looks better on black.

I think this week has taken an emotional toll, but it has been far worse on others so I cannot complain.

My daughter took me to the place where they got their cell phones, so I upgraded mine. It was about time. My old smart phone was getting stupid, did not have all the bells and whistles that are available now. I picked out a white Samsung with a purple rubbery protector thing and some kind of unlimited everything plan. It’s cute, has dual cameras with flash, and a bigger screen. I’m having fun trying to figure out how to things like text via voice and set up Pandora radio stations. They also let me keep the same phone number so it is all cool.