Salt Dough Ornaments


Paint and glitter day at grandma’s house.

Salt dough ornaments were made and dried in advance so they were ready to paint and decorate when the boys arrived. Their sister came later… she was out shopping with mommy.

I found the recipe here (link). Using a straw to make holes for the string works great, until it gets plugged up with dough, but a dowel rod inside the straw makes it easy to push those dough dots out.

Each child decorated four of their own to take home. I painted trees and snowman scenes.

It was fun… thanks for reading!


Cinnamon Ornaments

I had some homemade applesauce leftover from Thanksgiving. It had yet to mold on me so I used it to make cinnamon ornaments. I rolled some too thin, so I strung those in stacks of three… bit crude, but oh well. The twine and cast brass bells give some a “rustic” appeal.

They smell wonderful.

I’m sure there are recipe bloggers with step-by-step photos and good how-to instructions… you might want to find them. All I can do is tell you to add a squirt of white glue to some applesauce and stir in enough cinnamon to make a dough, let it rest awhile (covered so it won’t crust over) and roll it out like cookies. Bake until dry on both sides, ye 2 to 3 hours at 200 degrees.

IMPORTANT: be sure to add holes for stringing BEFORE you bake them.

Oh, measurements… ye a cup of applesauce, good tablespoon of Elmer’s white glue, and maybe 6 ounces of cinnamon? (I had three 2.37 oz bottles, dumped two in making the dough and used ye half of the third to lightly dust when rolling it out.) I also baked on parchment paper, flipping each over after the first hour. Here’s a photo showing how many that makes… please keep in mind that I did roll too many too thin. Those rolled ye 1/4 inch thick came out better.

If you like to make cinnamon ornaments, feel free to post photos or links in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

Little Changes

Chin up and Cheerios, to hell with resolutions… it’s time to make some little changes.

I put a work table in my office, still have some boxes stashed in there that need unpacked, but I need to start making art again.

Doc added Welbutrin to my med mix to kill two birds with one stone as that anti-depressant should also help reduce nicotine cravings. I’m not allowed to drink while I’m on that and I still have about three inches left in a pint of Rumple Minze that I stashed back to have something to toast in the New Year, so pills can wait until January.

I’ll be so glad to see the holidays over. Christmas was not a good day for me.

Like, on what planet is it okay to wake up in your girlfriend’s bed on December 25th and not give the woman you supposedly love a present? It doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive, just some little something that says “hey babe… this reminded me of you… I thought of you…” Hell, it could be a used coffee mug or a 75 cent sherry glass from a thrift shop, one frikkin pencil, or even a wrapped up candy bar. Anything… after all, it is the thought that counts.

If it’s the thought that counts, giving me nothing makes me wonder if I count.

I’ve racked my brain trying to figure it out… stepped back, looked at the bigger picture. There’s some strange dynamics going on… as far as I can tell, I somehow inherited some agreement from his previous relationship, perhaps made in lean times, to focus on children and now that the children are raised, the focus is on grandchildren.  I know he gave money to the mommies to buy gifts for young ones… but he did not exchange gifts with anyone, not even his adult daughters. I am the only one who gave him a gift… wasn’t much, just a scarf, but that’s really kind of messed up.

Yes, the whole Santa thing “is for children” and the holidays are way too commercialized, but damn it… my inner child wants to open a present on Christmas day.

I did not say anything… we did not discuss it, still haven’t… he gives me gifts on other occasions, perfume for my birthday, came in today with a blood pressure monitor that he ordered from a catalog, so I don’t get the Christmas thing.


LATER:  New Year’s Eve was a quiet, sober night at home. He said that he wanted to be asleep before midnight, but ended up picking on me, yakking on his phone, and watching television. He was playful, not mean… but to hell with any fantasy of bringing in the New Year right.

I’m up in the wee hours…  between the “I’m watching that” basketball game and his snoring like a freight train (obviously not watching that) and a few tears on my pillow, I had enough… got up, found my pint, poured a cup of coffee, and started a new drawing. Couple hours later, he’s breathing easy and the TV is off. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.


Here’s the start of the new drawing, quick snap by cell phone. It’s so not done yet… just laid in some colors along an idea of sweeping changes through my life. Thanks for reading.