Chick Wiz

This is the 4×6 postcard size drawing started at Metamorphosis last Thursday, finished in the wee hours of Saturday. The drawing was photographed on a brown wood table, a quick snap with this cell phone camera.

I don’t know what it is, kind of looks like a chicken and a wizzard, hence the name of Chick Wiz.

Sometimes my representational abstracts represent moods or emotions or just whatever is in the air more than any actual thing. Drawings change as the vibes change.

This one started out all soft and light as it was very relaxing to kick back with the pencils at Metamorphosis Gallery on open studio night. When I finished it at home, there was a bit of tension in the night air as raised voices of drunk and rowdy boys in a potiential fight brewing stage rode the wind.

Thanks for viewing my art today!