Buttercream Day

Little Miss Impatience is coming over today to play with buttercream frosting. She wants to launch a cupcake business like yesterday, flying fast and low to the ground on the business end details… she’s working on her website, talking to people at the health department, figuring out what all she needs to do and getting it done. I think she needs to slow it down a bit, take some time to hone her skills.

They taste good… they just look a little too “homemade at a bake sale” to command cupcake shop prices. Choosing the right tools for the job – cupcake pans, icing recipes, and cake decorating tips – will also help to improve appearance. If she wants to sell cupcakes, they have to taste fantastic and look spectacular.

I’m not being nit-picky… she asked for my help.

So, that’s what today is about… mama has a nice collection of cake decorating tips, including ball spheres and Russian nozzles that form full flowers in one squish.  Today, we play… learn how to use those tips. As they say, practice makes perfect.

Well, I’m off to stir up some buttercream… thanks for reading!