Bread Crumbs

Special thanks to my sister Jai for sharing her special recipe for homemade bread. I haven’t tried it yet… hopefully tomorrow I can find a small bread pan up at the Re-Hab store.

As for the half loaf of bread made the other day, it was good sliced with cheese melted on top with a mug of tomato soup, being short worked out great. Still, it was way too much bread so I ended up cutting the rest up into cubes and letting them air dry until today. Some went into a bit of dressing under a small chicken breast for my dinner tonight and some got tossed with chopped half an apple and made into a mini bread pudding. That will be good for breakfast tomorrow as I like bread pudding cold.

As for the rest of the cubes, they got whirled up into crumbs. I’m not sure if I should store bread crumbs in the cupboard or the freezer as homemade has no preservatives. If someone knows, please tell me.

Maybe I can find some more single serve baking dishes at the Re-Hab store. I like those little measuring spoons: pinch, dash, and smigeon, lol.

Yes, I know… the proper name for that thrift shop is “Habitat for Humanity Restore” but that’s an awful long name. “Re-Hab” is good for me.

Thanks for reading! See ya Monday!


Experimental Bread

I baked bread today. Kind of scary because hot, homemade bread fresh from the oven is so good… what if I eat it all?

No fear… it was okay, but not that great.

I invented my own recipe loosely based on the recipe printed on the yeast package. It wanted milk and margarine. I’m out of milk… and who buys margarine? And that recipe made too much. I don’t need a full loaf… that’s why I decided to make bread in the first place. I’m tired of paying almost three bucks a loaf. Unless the kids come over, I’m throwing ye half of it away.

Here’s my attempted version of bread making today:

1 cup flour
1/2 package rapid dry yeast
Little bits of salt & sugar to feed the yeast
Ye 2/3 cup hot water with a splash of olive oil on top

Yep, that’s it… stirred the drys together and added the wet, then kneaded in maybe a third to a half cup more flour until it felt right, and let it rest for about 10 minutes. Then I oiled my hands up with olive oil, shaped it into a log, cut some slits across the top and let it rise ye about double before popping it into the oven to bake until done. Letting it cool before cutting eliminates temptation of eating too much hot bread.

I might have to do some more experimenting. This might be good with herbs or garlic stirred in. Maybe I should look up some recipes and measure stuff. Maybe buy a pan? This came out like two inches tall.

Now you know why I don’t have a recipe blog.

Thanks for reading!