Astral Dream Boots?

“It’s been such a long time, I think I should be going…”

That song has been in my head all frikkin day, so I had to pop Boston into the CD player for some tunes while I write this, let “Foreplay/Longtime” cycle repeat enough to irritate my neighbors.

I can’t get those traveling boots out of my head.

Maybe I could sketch them up? If I draw them, maybe I could find someone to make them, but damn, that could cost an easy two grand. Maybe more and I can’t even afford a frikkin set of 120 Faber-Castell Polychromos in the TIN box at Dick Blick.

I liked the way I felt wearing those boots in the dream. I love how they felt on me, how they looked so artsy and bohemian that they literally defined the terms.

I could walk into the unknown wearing those boots, self assurred and confident, filled with a knowing that everything is fine.

After describing the boots to Jai and Dee (a.k.a. Lady Feri from Illinois) when they popped in for a visit today, Dee suggested they might be astral travel boots.

Logic me says nah… I’ve also vetoed 99% of boot dream explanations found online as the only definition that echo how I felt wearing them included “self assured” and “confident” words. There are too many variations of boot styles for one cookie cutter meaning. These were not farm boots, work boots, rain boots, combat or even cowboyish… they were so artsy, devinely scrunched and richly textured with kind of a long haired multi-shades of dark not exactly cat fur trim curved above the knee, maybe a sable or something? They were way cooler than anything I’ve ever seen.

I think it has a lot more to say about my state of mind under current circumstances than anything else.

I feel a change season coming. It’s not here yet so I have no idea what the future holds, but it is coming. It is like when you smell rain coming before the clouds roll in, before the first drop splats.

Maybe it is just awareness of life already changing.

My only child is 29 years old today and totally doing the adult thing… she is not relying on me for anything anymore. That’s totally cool, the way it should be. It kind of amazes me and gives me a post-empty-nest thing at the same time. I’ve been playing safety net as she struggled to learn how to make it on her own for so long that it feels odd not to, but she is a strong, capable woman now with a good man beside her so that phase of my life is over.

If I had the means, I could travel. Traveling in the dream without luggage does remind me of an old “if I ever hit the lottery” fantasy of walking into an airport without telling anyone, carrying nothing but a handbag slung on my shoulder, and picking a destination of the board just to go watch the sunrise someplace else. I can see myself doing that wearing those artsy bohemian traveling boots.

Now I’m just dreaming out loud.