The Lost Post

I suppose some of you are wondering what happened to that lost post, the one that showed up blank, nothing but the title, Stupidville Awareness, that I edited and ended up deleting.

Bizarre things happened. Maybe the email censors were out that night? Perhaps the problem was the link included? Sometime between double-checking the link to make sure that I would type the url correctly and going back later (after I edited my blank post to toss in some words plus that link and whoa… wth? Why is it automatically redirecting the link to somewhere else? Like to some kind of generic website in a language that looked like something in Russia?) But anyway, while I was doing all this trying to figure out what was going on with my blog post, the website I was trying to post a link to got taken down.

It was a bizarre night. I felt tagged, very much like I did while doing some sensitive research awhile back, like I had tripped an invisible wire tagging me to be monitored or something, like if you hit this or that website, your ip address may be flagged as a potiential terrorist or a radical, who knows? Oh, it might just be my imagination but I notice things… like odd delays in receiving emails, to go from email arriving quite frequently to long hours with absolutely nothing, not even spam, then suddenly the inbox fills up as if my email was held for awhile and then reviewed and released.

I think my computer’s harddrive was copied once – like someone bypassed my nerd-neighbor-set security measures, essientially unlocked the back door, hit my “backup & restore” in and out copied my entire computer and then reset the date so I wouldn’t notice. I would not have noticed if the “backup & restore” wasn’t on a list of recently accessed programs. I saw that and it was like whoa… someone accessed that and it wasn’t me. It could have been the neighbor who set up the security just testing his own hacking skills, but it could have been someone else, idk. If it was the government, it would not take them long to determine that I am harmless, move on to the next… just doing their job of monitoring everything.

My computer is no longer hooked up to the internet. I cancelled internet service when a malfunctioning fan did not want to spin up to speed in the heat of last summer. I now access the internet with a cell phone (no wifi required) and blog by emails written up on this no-contract-required phone, but I am not delusional… life isn’t the movies. These buy in a store and throw a time card on it phones are not as “throw away” as people think. Access your email, sign onto anything, they know who you are. And they know where you are, even with the gps turned off.

I kind of thought that I might have got tagged again because there was a long delay before email resumed again. Then “City Clouds #2” got lost in email – sent, but never arrived. I had to do it again, starting from scratch composing a new email. The second email reached its destination. Maybe there was a problem with the towers? Who knows… seems to be working fine now.

Yes, there are always alternative explainations.

Anyway, I gave kudos to Anonymous in the lost post, surprise coming from me as I am not a big fan of any group that hides behind masks (reminds me of men in white sheets) but I have to applaud them when they use their hacking skills for good, like recovering evidence of a crime and coverup. The link I was trying to post was to a website where the evidence was posted.

There is a petition on that “causes” website demanding transparency and investigation into the crime and coverup. I will put a link in the comments here… there are links there that will you see the evidence Anonymous uncovered for yourself.

It is the story of a 16 year old girl visiting from out of town, who was talked into leaving a girl’s party to go to another… the boys who picked her up slipped her a date rape drug. (She has no memories of what happened next, but there are cell phone videos, tweets, and other documentations to fill in the gaps.) While she was unconcious, she was hauled from party to party and repeatedly raped, sodomized, and urinated upon before she was finally dumped, still unconcious, onto her parent’s lawn.

From there, it gets worse… serious coverup and attempt to minimize the crime. I will let you read about it at causes, or just google Steubenville.

Thank you for reading!