I Found it!

Santa arriving at the end of our Christmas Parade

Santa escorted into Yo’s Town, Christmas Parade 2013


Yes, I found the USB cord for my trusty old Minolta D7 camera. (My new PC does not have a slot big enough for the camera’s memory card.) Then I discovered software on this new computer that will let me play with photos, do things like flip to black and white.

Too much time has passed to blog about our Christmas Parade, but I wanted to share this photo because it makes me laugh. Was our Santa escorted by the secret service? No, this is Youngstown. I don’t know who this guy is… but, don’t he look like a union dude? “Four Brothers” comes to mind.

No offense to any old Walrus men intended… I always liked the way old union men would line up like unmovable walruses, stand there with their arms crossed when being told a bunch of nonsense. They don’t take crap off of anyone. Besides, my own Journeyman card was union issued.


Fifteen Square


My other tile for public art project is also ready to go the Summer Festival of the Arts at YSU this weekend.

Art Grows in Youngstown


Additional tweeks to the base & now it is ready to go.