PB & Cats

This is Baby Boo… I think she’s a Munchkin. Or, at least that’s what popped up when I googled “short legged cats” when I was wondering if there is something wrong with this feral kitten. It’s like her body kept growing and the legs just stopped. The front legs looks slightly bowed, too.

Baby Boo is just a term of endearment. I didn’t name her because she has a “fur-ever” home with our city councilwoman if she can get over her fear of humans enough to allow two school-aged girls to pet and play with her.

I trapped her last Sunday, and immediately released her indoors. It was the only way I could get her in, as she’s just like her mama, never let a human get close enough to touch her. She’s one of the four kittens that the feral mama cat was bringing over to eat on my porch every night. Baby Boo is the only one left. Word is, a neighbor’s two pit bull dogs killed the other three (plus at least one other cat in this neighborhood).

It’s only been four days, but I’m starting to think this kitty will not be a good match for young girls because they will want to hold and pet her and she acts just like she did outside inside. Yeah, she watches me, then quietly slips away if I come too close to her. The only time she doesn’t move is when she thinks I’m totally ignoring her. So, I’ve yet to touch her but she’s touched me by accidentally stepping on my foot while I was doing dishes one night.

Oh she’s made herself at home, curls up with Max a lot and occasionally shares the couch with KiKi Gath Ddu. She’s also been using the litter box since day one. That’s one perk of having cats. They can litter train others.

Oh, by the way, the PB in “PB & Cats” is for paperback, not peanut butter.

Yes, after several requests for “hard copies” of Blink Poetry, I reformatted my ebook for a paperback edition. It’s not yet released for distribution or anything as I want to see a hard copy in my own hands first.

Yeah, it might need some tweaks. The cover image looks a little off center in the thumbnail, but lined up just right in the template so I want to see it printed. It’s self-published, of course, via lulu.com, a print-on-demand service. Here is a link if you want to peek. Yes, I listed YBWorks as the publisher. Hey, why not? That B can stand for books as well as buttons.

Thanks for reading!