I’m Okay

I’m starting to find this amusing… you know that old saying, the one that goes, “Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it”? Pop some corn, life’s a comedy. She wanted him, now she’s got him… and, he’s in for a fun ride. I know him so I’m going to sit back and laugh.

Oh yeah… I’ve been thinking. The kind of woman who updates her Facebook relationship status without consulting “her” man (or giving him enough time to gracefully exit his previous relationship online OR in real life first) and does things like snag photos off his page that his then-current girlfriend snapped of him, obviously at my house, will also be the kind of woman who will not give him enough space to breathe. Even if what he tells me is true – that he’s NOT in a relationship with her – she’s going to drive him frikkin nuts. Bet she’ll try to keep tabs on him, go through his phone, and everything else.

Oh, she’s wanted him for a long time, been trying to make herself known for months, pulling little stunts both on and off line. Me just walking away, giving up without a fight, this is her dream come true.

Sometimes it is best to just give people what they want, then sit back and laugh.

It’s like I told his other daughter last night… I still love him, he still tells me that he loves me “always and forever” and we gave it a good go, but it didn’t work… we can’t live together. We both need lots of space. That’s one of the few things that we do have in common. So, we are back tracking to how we used to be when we were just neighbors and friends, enjoy each other’s company on a visit now and then.

Yes, I was ticked on Christmas, but I was just angry about how it went down… how he came in pretending all was well and we were still together and everything while his other girlfriend was having her little Facebook celebration, going public with her real or imagined relationship with him. The audacity of the situation got to me… I wasn’t hurt. I was just madder than a wet hornet.

Today I’m like, “Hello, meet my best friend Karma. This is what you wanted, now you got it.”

For some reason, I find that hilariously funny. I’ve been laughing on and off about it all day, just from imagining all the ways that she’s going to drive him totally frikkin nuts.

Oh yeah, pass the popcorn. Sit back and watch Karma do her thing.

This was coming anyway… done wrung out the tears awhile back, so I may as well get a few laughs out of it. What else can you do, you know? Life is a comedy, and by that, I don’t mean stupid goof-ass slap-stick. I prefer the more subtle form, where the humor is not so much in your face, more like you would find in old movies or Brit comedies such as Keeping Up Appearances or Waiting for God.

Bottom line:  I’m okay… please don’t think I’m wallowing in self pity or anything stupid. This is just life, another twist in the road. Thanks for reading.






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