Mini 6″ Pie Plates

Oh baby, my mini pie plates arrived! I ordered a vintage set of four 6″ Pyrex on eBay after pricing metal plates at big box stores online.  Plan is to make JUST ONE little pie. That’s enough. Half a 6″ pie is ye equivalent to a slice of a 9 or 10 inch pie, but I’m thinking that if you go ahead and slice it into 4 or 6 wedges, those smaller portions will yield full flavor with less calories.

Now the fun begins. I googled for recipes trimmed down to this size and there are not a lot out there. Most I found make more than one 6″ pie, which kind of defeats the purpose. I want to eliminate excess pie as leftovers usually end up on my hips or in the trash.

I did find one recipe for a 6″ single crust, but it is made with butter and sugar so I’m going to have to experiment with cutting my own recipes down. It will be fun. I’ll drive you all nuts by posting my results.

One of my first questions was, “How much filling goes in a 6″ pie?”

I wanted to know because I just cooked a huge can of cherries (packed in water) down into cherry pie filling on Saturday, baked one 9″ pie and had about 10 cups leftover. Thankfully, the mini plates arrived Monday as googling didn’t find a valid answer.

The answer is ye ONE cup. I measured with dried oats, guessing that would be enough for most recipes by the time you add a crust. Some recipes may need a little more.

It’s tempting to start playing with recipes; but, we still have 6 slices of leftover pie in the fridge. Maybe my first 6″ pie should be a pumpkin or something, anything but cherry.

Does anyone else make little 6″ pies?

If you do and blog about it, feel free to leave a link in the comments. Maybe we can be like friends sharing recipes.

In my family, dessert on Sunday is a tradition so, odds are, that I’ll post mine on Mondays or Tuesdays and if I made pie over the weekend.

We are kind of partial to pies. My dad’s grandmother baked pies for a living. She died in the 1960’s, when I was just a little girl, so my memories of her are fleeting… only two images, one of her legs clad in heavy stockings under long skirts and the other is of sunlight on her flour dusted enameled top table. What I remember most was that her home always felt like love and smelled like pie.

Thanks for reading!


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