Y Gath Ddu

Y Gath Ddu (The Black Cat)

I adopted an injured cat after a neighbor tugged my heart strings by asking me to post something on Facebook to help find her a new home.  The poor kitty lived in a rental up the street until her human moved away last Spring. Poor kitty was left to fend for herself on the streets. My neighbor was feeding it and giving it flea treatments, but couldn’t take it inside because her dogs hate cats. When the weather turned cold, she set up a little heated shelter on the porch. Unfortunately, a mean yellow tom started coming around in the wee hours and kicking this kitty’s ass every night. To make matters worse, this cat has been trying to go back home, but the new tenants won’t let it in their house. When she tried to sneak in their door, one of them kicked the cat right in the face.

Photo is a bit blurry because she kept moving her head, wanting me to pet her while I was trying to snap a photo of what’s going on with her mouth.

It looks like there is a chunk of flesh missing. Seems to be healing okay. She’s got a vet appointment set up for the whole nine yards… full check-up, all the shots, and to get fixed if she’s not already.

After ignoring every other name suggestion, she said “merr” and came right to me when I said “KiKi” out loud. She didn’t even respond like that to “Kitty” so, who knows? Maybe her original name was KiKi.

The cat walked over to meet my granddaughter when she called her by name.

Well, she didn’t just say KiKi… she dropped to her knees and said “Kiki Do You Love Me” which just happens to be the title of my grand-niece’s favorite song. My granddaughter often plays it for her so they can sing along. It’s good to have a cat in the house again.

Thanks for reading!