Rainy Day Bus Ride

“That’s my husband,” said the woman on the bus as she gathered her things, nodding her head towards the man who was waiting on the curb, standing with an umbrella in the rain. “I just haven’t married him yet.”

That’s like me and the vet; only with us, there’s no yet.

Just the thought of marriage flashes “H-e-double-toothpicks-capital-N-O” in neon blinking lights inside of me and it has¬†ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with love… there’s legally binding fine print on those marriage certificates that I object to, oft writ in invisible ink. I’m not signing anything that will make me financially responsible for the acquired debts of another full grown, independently minded, adult human for rest of their natural life, or the duration of the marriage, whichever comes first. Been there twice, not doing it again.

As for the Old G, he’s got his own reasons. He will tell people (usually other men) that I am his wife, but that is just talk. He has never been married and has no intention of marrying me.

So, that’s one thing we are in agreement about, one of those surprises of something in common considering that we are polar opposites.

We don’t take a lot of selfies together… this one was snapped downtown, good year or two ago as I obviously was not exactly sober.

I avoid being photographed.

He’s the one who is snap happy… he likes to take selfies, photos of grandchildren, flowers, birds, squirrels, toy cars, what’s on the grill, his plate, whatever.

I scroll down Facebook some days and say whoa… that’s my messy room in that photo and there’s my pink bra in the background of a shoe shot, and oh my gosh… that’s the inside of my refrigerator, a close-up of banana pudding with a one word description: GOOD.

We are good together.¬†That surprises me as I thought our differences would get in the way, that he would soon tire of me, or I wouldn’t be able to handle being in a relationship after being on my own for so many years.

I don’t know what the future holds, life has a tendency to spin on dimes, so all we can do is live life raw, real, and right now.

Thanks for reading!

Photo credit: banana pudding shot swiped off his Facebook page.