Santa wears red, so red must be the color of cheer. Even my depressed poinsettia is trying to hang onto a few red leaves. Maybe red will do me good… I can’t afford Christian Louboutin’s red soled shoes, so I treated myself to a new pair of faux fur trimmed fingerless mittens.

Hey, they match the tablecloth. 

I’m just looking for a bit of holiday cheer, which seems to elude me this year. 


2 thoughts on “Red

  1. The mittens are lovely! I bought my first Poinsettia ever a few days ago and already it is unhappy and dropping leaves but I have no idea why. Now I have guilt for…plant abuse? lol
    I’m sure this is a tough year for you to be light and carefree…I hope things cheer up and get better in 2017. Keeping you in my thoughts and sending lots of good thoughts and energy your way! ❤

    • I don’t know about these Poinsettias, this was my first in years as couldn’t have them around the cat… maybe they need artificial light and the breath of a thousand shoppers walking by as they sure look good and healthy in store displays. Thanks for the positive energy… keep telling myself that depression is common after having a stroke (might be meds, idk) and it might just be cycle down time so ride it out, make art, draw it out, it won’t last forever. 2017 will be a good year.


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