Dec 28

It is halfway between Christmas and New Years. I find myself avoiding social media because I’m a bit tired of the holiday cheer. Folks are still spreading joyful greetings, sharing sentimental memes, and posting photos of happy family gatherings around decorated trees.

There’s nothing wrong with all that… I just can’t get into it this year. My holiday spirit feels like a sticky marmalade of sweetness slapped onto a thick slab of day old bread, served up with grits of reality and scrambled expectations.

I’ve had Yellow Ledbetter stuck in my head for days. Here’s a version that blends in an old fave…

Maybe it’s time to add an SSRI to the pill mix. Thanks for reading. 



Santa wears red, so red must be the color of cheer. Even my depressed poinsettia is trying to hang onto a few red leaves. Maybe red will do me good… I can’t afford Christian Louboutin’s red soled shoes, so I treated myself to a new pair of faux fur trimmed fingerless mittens.

Hey, they match the tablecloth. 

I’m just looking for a bit of holiday cheer, which seems to elude me this year. 



Baby, it’s frikkin freezing frigid outside. Blue skies are deceptive. It’s cold!

The vet went to town, as in hopped a bus to his own place downtown, and I’m in a cleaning mood.

Yes, the best way to clear cobwebs out of your head is to open the blinds and get busy cleaning up your space. I was working on the kitchen, decided it was time for a break.

Anyone watching “Good Behavior” on TNT?

I missed Tuesdays episode… we tried to find it “on demand” last night, the vet operating the remote to no avail, so I waited until he walked out the door today, then asked a kid, click, click… found it. Good, now we can do a Good Behavior marathon so he can get caught up. It’s a new show, first season, just started mid November. I don’t know why I like it… she’s so messed up, but trying… maybe that’s it.

Well, I’ve got ye 95% of my Christmas shopping done by ordering online. Box of mittens arrived today. I ordered stuff the kids wanted from Walmart last night; added a 30 roll pack of toilet paper, &c. Hey, why not? I don’t drive… whatever I buy has to be hauled home via public transportation.  If I can get bulky or heavy things shipped free to the house, it will change the way I shop.

Guess I should get busy again… that floor is not going to mop itself.  Thanks for reading!