20160921_114251.jpg“I’ve got a brand new pair of roller skates, you got a brand new key…”

Okay, I said that I would tell you what song lyrics pop into my head when the key to the house landed in my hand.  Bit silly, eh?

Of course, that’s the old key.  Locks will be changed when I go over to evict a few spiders. Now I don’t mind little dust spiders, but there was a wolf spider in the kitchen yesterday and some kind of big scary looking thing has taken over the mailbox with webs that would do justice for a Halloween decoration.

The house is a little smaller than I remembered, but that is okay.  It feels like home. I walked the yard, too. There is one corner that speaks to me, says sit here, so it needs a bench or something there. Maybe a table and two chairs.

I bought a used fridge on my way home to be delivered on Saturday. It comes with a 90 day warranty, so it should be fine for a least 90 days. I still need a gas stove, washer, dryer, dehumidifier, smoke detectors, mortar mix, and long list of little stuff.

Well, I should get packing again. There is a box waiting for this computer. I’m trying to get as much done as possible before 6 as I’m going to Coil Pot Thursday tonight just to glaze the pieces made last time, then doing laundry so I don’t have to move dirty clothes.

I still feel like pinching myself… never anticipated that my “leap in leap year” would land me in my own little house on the upper south side of Youngstown.  Thanks for reading!


P.S. to the winds, please whisper a breeze on the 23rd:  happy birthday RD, wherever you are.



2 thoughts on “Key

  1. YaY!!! So happy for you! Enjoy your new digs and I wish we lived closed because we would love to be able to help with the seating in the yard’s happy spot. Ah well, I’m sure you’ll find something fabulous that’ll fit the space.


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