Flag This

My last act in the role as the Unwitting Advocate of IT shall be to shame encourage the owners of International Towers, an apartment building located in downtown Youngstown, Ohio, into replacing the tattered American flag that has been literally stuck up their pole for so long that the stripes are shredded to ribbons. The condition of that flag is disrespectful. It is like saying “we don’t care” about our flag OR our veterans. Yes, there are elderly and/or disabled veterans living in the building.  Some may have bled for the American flag on foreign soils, and this is what they see every day:


Zooming in on the flag through a window screen makes the photo fuzzy… but that is the view of the flag, what our veterans see, when they look out their windows.

Here is another photo, snapped at dusk by cell phone from ground level:


It would be nice if a flag replacement could be done in a ceremonial way… who do you contact about something like that? I don’t know, so I emailed the first ward city councilman.

By the way, I’m moving to a nameless neighborhood (it’s labeled “38” on the city’s map) in the 7th ward so I shall pass the imaginary baton on to whoever is willing to pick it up.  Thanks for reading!