Inherit This… Whacked Postcard Art



Monday, July 11th:

I finished this postcard while gallery sitting today… it’s a little whacked, claw-like beasts emerged from the scenery as my mind wandered over to a conversation I had with my daughter. Or rather, a conversation she had with me.

“I am your only daughter, you have grandchildren, how can you do this…”

Ye gads… I haven’t even LOOKED at a house yet and everyone is so concerned about what will happen to the house after I die. She’s already beneficiary of my life insurance, bank accounts, and some annuity thing with my pension. Now she wants the house I haven’t even purchased yet… it went downhill from there.


Tuesday, July 12th:

Had a little conversation with a social worker on staff at my apartment building. It ended by me declaring that I will type up and submit my intent to move notice. So much for “no rush” in finding a house. I need out of here ASAP. Am I up a creek without a paddle?


Wednesday, July 13th:

Sent words to the wind… via email to a real estate agent who works with investors. I stated my situation, included a list of what I want/need, and requested help finding a suitable home to purchase OR rent within the allotted time.


Wednesday, July 20th:

Wish me luck… I intend to make an offer on a house today.