Post Cards


A simple post card… a delusional seascape in an imaginary world, absolutely not grounded by any sense of reality, colored pencil over watercolor on heavy paper, 4×6 inches (photo was phone snapped). I cut a stack of blanks to give myself something to do between all this sifting and sorting of everything, doing the prep to move again. If I make enough, we could use them as change of address cards.

That’s reality… I’m buying a house.

I don’t know when or where yet… doing things a bit backwards… talked to bank about a loan first, now I’m doing the pre-prep thing so when I do find a suitable house, packing up for moving won’t be such an overwhelming task.

There is no rush… finding a house suitable for a home based business (art studio with retail/office space) located on or near a major WRTA bus route in Youngstown, Ohio, is worth taking the time to find.

If you hear of anything, please message me on Facebook or drop a note here… thank you!