Home Sweet Almost Home

Mentally crossing fingers and toes,
Watching little ducks line up in a row,
Crunching numbers while figures grow,
But, can’t help it – I need to know
If down to the wire we must go,
How do you like your Cherrios?


Oh… Copper!


Sheets and pipes are boxed, but I just had to “pack” wire in a plastic bin for easy access as copper whispers ideas of little things I could make to sell at Art Walk in August.

I didn’t get the house I wanted. A cash buyer swooped in before the agent had time to submit my offer so I made an offer on a little house with a big treasure: an amazing workshop full of saws and machinery, complete with an old man’s lifetime hoard of hand tools. The work bench itself was impressive.  Even his wood stash area, with racks on walls, was a maker’s dream.

The seller countered with a request for more earnest money and a big fat NO on including all items left in the workshop.

Hey, couldn’t resist, I’m a tool freak… that room was like WOW, I couldn’t believe they cleaned out the house and forgot the workshop.

Since my original offer was more than their asking price and they said NO on the workshop, I took a chance by offering a lower price hoping they would think about how much of a pain it would be to haul all those big heavy machines up and out of that basement and counter back with a new price that would include the workshop but no… they just said okay, accepted my offer for the house without the workshop.

So, I’m buying a house.

It’s not a done deal yet… house must pass inspection for an FHA loan, so I will be cautiously optimistic until the keys are in my hand.

As for the house itself… It’s a one bedroom ranch with an office (second bedroom feels like an office, ideal space to write and/or design/make buttons), a big kitchen open to a table space, and a living room that will never be used unless I put an easel in there. Major perk: not one square inch of carpet. Kitchen and bath are tiled, other rooms have hardwood floors, and most (if not all… one of those details noticed but forgot if in all) rooms have ceiling fans.

 As for outside… It has a nice sized covered front porch with roll down sun shades (unless the seller takes those) and a brick patio out back. The detached garage also has a covered porch/patio with a porch swing (asked for that) and there are flower beds here and there and all around the edges of a fenced in back yard.

The house is ideal for me… So crossing fingers and hoping all goes well with inspections and everything.

Thanks for reading!



Inherit This… Whacked Postcard Art



Monday, July 11th:

I finished this postcard while gallery sitting today… it’s a little whacked, claw-like beasts emerged from the scenery as my mind wandered over to a conversation I had with my daughter. Or rather, a conversation she had with me.

“I am your only daughter, you have grandchildren, how can you do this…”

Ye gads… I haven’t even LOOKED at a house yet and everyone is so concerned about what will happen to the house after I die. She’s already beneficiary of my life insurance, bank accounts, and some annuity thing with my pension. Now she wants the house I haven’t even purchased yet… it went downhill from there.


Tuesday, July 12th:

Had a little conversation with a social worker on staff at my apartment building. It ended by me declaring that I will type up and submit my intent to move notice. So much for “no rush” in finding a house. I need out of here ASAP. Am I up a creek without a paddle?


Wednesday, July 13th:

Sent words to the wind… via email to a real estate agent who works with investors. I stated my situation, included a list of what I want/need, and requested help finding a suitable home to purchase OR rent within the allotted time.


Wednesday, July 20th:

Wish me luck… I intend to make an offer on a house today.