Think… and Think Again


That’s a quick cell phone snap… not the best photo… I was heading out the door to take my art up to the YWCA (show opens next week) and remembered that I was supposed to bring 5×7’s to donate for the silent auction. Like oh… do I have any 5×7’s that have not been already matted for framing? No… but I have larger drawings still waiting to be matted, just pick one and slice it up, eh?

The cool thing about this pair of 5×7 drawings, cut from the same piece, is that it does not matter which one goes on the left… the drawing “flows” from one piece to the next from BOTH sides. Since I did not draw it with the intention of slicing it into smaller drawings, that hit me like wow, totally not planned.

I love artsy surprises.

I titled them “Think” and “Think Again” because they go together and I have been doing a lot of that lately… started the year playing mental ping-pong: yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, no, no… and decided to stop thinking about everything… just roll with what comes.

Now, six months later, what am I doing? Thinking again.



2 thoughts on “Think… and Think Again

  1. Just remember: failure to make a decision IS making a decision. You have decided to take no action and accept whatever consequences arrive as a result of your indecision. Just saying… Love you, your sister

    • Awe dear sis… that is precisely why I bailed on my shrink (least for awhile) as he advised doing nothing, to postpone decisions, to wait… I’m NOT lost in thought… rethinking slams ideas into alternate courses of action.

      Prime example? I want out of this building… landlord of the rental house that I had my eye on had me jump through hoops for permission to see inside (application, background check, etc) and, after approving me as a tenant, pulled THAT particular property from their list of available rentals citing it needed too many repairs to show it right now. Do I wait? Call every couple weeks to see if it is available to LOOK at (no clue if I really want it until I can see inside) OR look at other rentals on their list (and elsewhere)… okay, rethink entire situation. I want a house (not apartment) but, do I have to rent? No… so, time for action. Right now, I am shopping for financing. I already have a verbal quote/approval for ye so much from one source AND an appointment on Monday at a local bank to see what my loan options are there. By shopping for financing first, then I won’t be a passive buyer crossing my fingers hoping to get a loan as I will already know what I qualify for and what the stipulations are for different types of loans.

      So, no worries dear sis… love you, too.


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