Hard Call


My beloved Marsberry is wasting away. He is down to 11 lbs, 13.8 ounces. He was a big cat, not quite 15 pounds in his prime, then he gained weight due to inactivity in old age. The last time the vet weighed him, he tipped the scales at 18 so he has rapidly lost ye a third of his body weight.

Mr. Marsberry Cat

Marsberry, January 2015

Yes, the photo is over a year old… I don’t want to post his last photo. That’s as messed up as posting a human’s last photo in a newspaper.

Dr. O’Donnell, from BARK Mobile Pet Vet, is coming here on Monday so Marsberry can die peacefully at home. She is so gentle with animals that Mars never even flinched when she’s given him shots before, so hopefully it will go down as gentle as possible. Then Becker Angel Rest will handle the arrangements.

People might think I’m a little nuts, especially since DIY euthanasia is still considered acceptable by many folks around here (bullets are cheaper than vets) but, I don’t want Marsberry to be scared. He is 18 years old. I don’t want his last memory to be in some strange place or worse yet, with dogs barking in the background. Why torture him when sparing his agony is the reason we are doing this?

Later on, when I have a place of my own again, I will make a special piece of garden art in his memory that will either hold his ashes or mark where they are buried.



3 thoughts on “Hard Call

    • Thank you… I have cried more over this cat passing than I have humans, but knew helping him die was the right decision as he went so very peacefully. Then afterwards, his body was so relaxed that even his fur felt softer than it has in years. It was a good way to die, no more misery.

      • Losing a companion that has been with you that long is really heart-wrenching. I’ve had to make the same call before with one of my dogs and oh, I bawled for a week in spite of knowing it had been the kind thing to do. All beings deserve a dignified, peaceful end surrounded by comfort and love…Mars was lucky to have had you as his human.


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