WIP: Blue Day


Worked on some blues on the left side tonight while listening to Pandora radio… it is slowly coming together. I did not plan on tears dropping into her lap. As always, emotion twirls into the art.

Someone asked, “What is it?”

I don’t know… it doesn’t have a title yet.

Officially, it will a mixed media piece done in layers of watercolors and colored pencil on two large pieces of art paper that will be laced together like a corset, embellished with beads and handmade lace, and mounted on a gouache painted board before framing.

Size is 35 x 29 inches, bit odd… but I’m recycling a frame.

The basic ideas going into this are: woman, bound, fire, pain, grief, heartache, endurance, and strength. When it is done, it will just be what it is.



2 thoughts on “WIP: Blue Day

    • Thank you, John. I started making the lace last night, using vintage crochet cotton in an odd shade of red that surprisingly matches the pigment color of a pencil already used. Although I should not be surprised because the thread was tucked down in a bag of yarns purchased from the daughter of woman who passed, who I met within minutes of saying out loud, “I need to find another copy of that book” and the daughter, without knowing anything (we only talked about the yarn) knocked on my door the next day with a bag of her mother’s pattern books to ask if I would be interested in buying those, too. The 1984 book we needed was on top, like WOW… words to the wind and here it is!


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