Fuck you Heroin.
You laugh, disembodied
as mothers rip their clothes
and scream for lost children,
then seek to possess another.

Fuck you Heroin,
for turning babes out as whores
and zombie thieves, stealing for more,
feeding masquerade infliction of sickness
while you suck souls up a syringe.

Fuck you “Hair O. Ron”
to employ ethnic pronunciation,
white folks end the word with in,
momentary weakness, drawn to sin
not knowing this time, you would win.

Fuck you Heroin.
The man you ravished
was a babe I held in my arms.
Today, I held his mother.
Did you laugh at our tears?

Fuck you Heroin.
Do you laugh at the fears?
Another mother thanking God
her son is jailed but still alive,
saying there for grace go I?

Fuck you Heroin,
go back to hell where you belong
while we say our last good-bye.
RIP sweet, sweet beautiful boy…
May God have mercy on his soul.




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