Night Songs

I sing in my sleep.

Here I am, 55 years old, and learning something new about myself.

I called my sister for verification. Yes, she tells me, I sing in my sleep. I also talk, hum, and make odd noises. She thought I knew… but, how would I know what I do in my sleep if no one ever tells me?

I must be happy if I sing in my sleep. Maybe not… lately, I’ve been waking up Janis Joplin singing “take another little piece of heart now baby” in my head, but sometimes it is Stevie Nicks, Train, or the Black Crowes, could be any song but usually somehow reflects whatever is going on in my life at the moment.

Maybe I’m just humming or singing along to an audio memory in my sleep; not much different than humming or singing along with the radio jacked up while cruising down a highway.

Oh, do I miss my sweet baby, that Chrysler LeBaron two door coop convertible… hell, I miss that rusty old Bronco II as both those rides were fun to drive. My last car was a PT Cruiser. It was okay… but if I am ever able to drive again, if I ever buy wheels again, the top has got to drop. That’s just how it is.

IF? Now I’m dreaming. My ride these days is the WRTA bus on an E/D pass.

Reality bites… but, tell you a secret… you can choose the musical score for your own life.  What’s your theme? Got a background tune? What’s the soundtrack of your life?

It is YOUR choice… you can sing “woe, despair, and agony on me” along with the boys on Hee-Haw OR picks something that might actually help you get through whatever you are going through.

My personal favorite? “Roll with It” by Steve Winwood. Thanks for reading.



Four Hearts

I ran into a friend of a friend at the SOAP Gallery last week, who asked me to make and donate four 5×5 inch colored pencil drawings for a local benefit art show that opens in February. The art will be removed as sold, so I opted for a heart theme. With any luck, maybe they will be sold before Valentine’s Day.

My favorite is “Blowing Kisses” on the upper right. The others are Mental Vacation, Gram’s Heart, and Uncle Normie (so named because he is so NOT normal). All four were drawn with Faber-Castell Polychromos on Canson paper, and mounted on board.

Thanks for looking!


A cold wind blasts through the concrete canyon,
Whips around the building to whistle my windows.
City birds dart while snow coats roof awnings below.
I debate about going out to do a little shopping;
But I don’t want to linger at the WRTA bus station,
Not while Boardman Street winds split at Market.

Flags atop the courthouse fly in opposite directions,
One on a lower pole drapes still waiting for a breeze.
While the fourth flag on Chase seeks its own direction.
It freaked me out the first time I noticed wind patterns,
Evident by four flags whipped into a four-way frenzy,
The comparison prompted by angry storm clouds.

A cold wind blasts through the concrete canyon,
Whips around time to whistle whispers in my mind.
Last words dart while snow coats broken friendship.
I find no shelter from the cold that quietly lingers;
But I don’t want to mask the chill with false warmth,
Not while the wild winds of life changes stir in me.