Art Start: Domestic Rage

Abuse is a polite word used to soften the impact of crimes committed by persons who claim to love, or have once loved, the victim. Call it what it is… assault, battery, attempted murder, rape, torture, etc. Psychological manipulation and verbal assaults should also be viewed in a serious light as those are means to beat a person down from the inside out, to destroy their sense of self worth or make them feel trapped in a helpless situation so they can be more easily controlled.

Silence perpetuates abuse. People die because other people refuse to get involved, don’t bother to report crimes of domestic rage. My sister is alive today because someone called the law.

So, what does this have to do with this oh, so unfinished art?

unfinished... a rough start

unfinished… a rough start

Everything. I overheard how a man talks to someone I care about over the phone. I think she should leave him. It is her choice to stay. Bottom line: it is her life.

This painting is about rising, standing free and strong… or will be when it’s done.

Thanks for reading.


UPDATE Mar. 9, 2015:  Here is how the art looks now… size is 6×9 inches so it will be matted for a 9×12 frame.



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